Bedtime GRATITUDE Meditation and Night Time SLEEP Affirmations

Listen to this guided gratitude meditation at bedtime tonight. Let this soothing voice inspire you to think back over your day and be thankful for all the moments that made the day special. Then drift off to sleep to the sound of gratitude affirmations.Get this meditation and nine others on the new album, “Guided Meditations for Abundance, Energy, Relaxation & Creativity.” Listen now at:6 of my favorite guided meditation and affirmation recordings FREE. My gift to you. Get them here: the “21-Day Abundance and Money Attraction Brain Boost” for free atBob’s mission to spread inspiration throughout the world with a one-time or ongoing donation!FOLLOW Bob Baker’s Inspiration Project on Spotify& PURCHASE tracks on Apple iTunesmusic used in this video:“That Hopeful Future Is All I've Ever Known” from the album “Music from Neptune Flux” by Chris Zabriskie under a Creative Commons Attribution license enjoy these YouTube playlists ...Morning Affirmations for Wealth, Abundance and ConfidenceMeditations for Wealth, Abundance and Creativityfor Creativity, Success and AbundanceDay Meditation Challenge VideosMeditations for Relaxation and Stress ReliefSleep Affirmations for Prosperity, Success & AbundanceI've published many books over the years, including …Personal and Spiritual Growth for Fun People: The Secret Guide to Joy and ProsperityEbook Empowered Artist: A Call to Action for Musicians, Writers, Visual Artists, and Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference with Their CreativityPassion Principles: 101 Ways to Express Your Creativity and Share It With the Worldmy Amazon author page to see many more titles:baker meditationBedtime Gratitude MeditationSleep Affirmations Bedtimemeditation for gratitude and abundanceGratitude Meditation Bedtime Sleepevening gratitude meditationSleep Affirmations for Gratitude#Gratitude #Meditation #Sleep #Affirmations #Bedtime #grateful Sleep Affirmations Meditationevening meditation for sleepGratitude Affirmations night timeevening meditation guidedbedtime meditation GratitudeBedtime Affirmations Gratitude

Julio Nunez

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The Consumer Of Tatertots

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That's the bold hunter's mark.


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