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poopface jr

okay is that the stone circle from Brave because heck yeah

Paula Rosento

I love their make up look

Nehemiah Hickman

I’m a Steph Curry Fan but i agree with them, Tbh i feel like Steve Kerr is being Outcoached


heyy, if you need someone to talk too/ a supportive friend or you get bullied i love to help, just reply back or send a msg to this acc: xlunaticc if you want it to be private :D ( this account is a secundairy acc)

Hayden Carlson

Team coby all the way but I am a purple hoser.

Kara Deniz

Do kids really tell other kids they wont do anything important? Or is it just a detailed add to create an underdog story?

Michael Tarbox

The one and only Seattle Seahawks

Aura Chichi

I was a first annoyed cause she said the due date was inconvenient 🙈😅 girl! But when I saw the doctor’s reactions to her questions and the way he said you can push yourself back.. RUDE! I don’t care if she has other moms in her life who she could have asked these questions.. hearing it from a professional is just reassuring. And also every woman’s pregnancy is different.

Marco A

hahahah funny!



XxhardkillXx 213

In a game that would be a bad bunt

Lucas is AMAZING


Matheus Gafanhoto

Hey, Guru. Could you make a easter egg video on Tarantino's movies? (If there is any)

Jasmine He

1:39 are his pants backwards?

Maddie. Zzzz

This is so sad


This is such a trope and it reminds me of a Filipino show called ARAW GABI

Diego Andres

Love these vids, they really really good

Jim Kutsko

I love that he said he was from NM #REPRESENT

Irene Roesler

Round 1 I'm so fancey



what about the dead ex box

Robert Smith

I lobe your videos... could have been blinded in the 1st segment eye protection please

Gucci gang

Thunder Drain

wants coby to win beats coby me WHAT

World Walks


This is the first time i have opened up xxx

Jyotsna Patil

Team cory

LilMochi BT21

I had a dog just like that, my grandpa made me get rid of him 😳

Tiffany Trahan


R00 U

Did she ever get that jumper?


Barry Sanders

bad Animation


Hades Legionnaire Gaming

wats the namebof the song

Xavier Rose

Imagine a star wars game with the cutting mechanics of the afro samurai game. Why has no one done this yet?

Zoey Lee

I love Texas Roadhouse

Willy_ Wingzter

Ummm Ma Ma ma Maa ima lovin’ it McDonald’s!!

potato tomato :3

No Mexico is the best country >:( 💖💖💖💕💕💕💕

Trash Gamex

There is no sound in space because there is no oxygen for the vibration to carry the sound.

Bruins 37

I love that sweatshirt Tyler

‘Škÿ’Błûêbêrrÿ ‘

Same thing happened to my mom only three times... 😔

Lyss B

She did the right thing!

Skye santiago

My grades began to drop... A-

Abitha Arunachalam

Like=team Coby Btw I ain't looki'n for likes


When the gum falls someone says “5 second rule” 😂



The Tiger

My dad sucks

The noisy kids

Jason Jones

Team purple hoser


if you pause the video at 46 seconds, there are cracks in the basketball hoop backboard, which means they must have failed a few times.


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