Balthazar - Blood Like Wine - CARDINAL SESSIONS (Appletree Garden Special)

Balthazar performing a rare acoustic session of "Blood Like Wine" exclusively for Cardinal Sessions.Subscribe // Facebook // //


You forgot the guy who is playing golf in bangkok. It is a challenge also it is called ,,Looking Into the Distance".


how about a 'mom' stereotypes? Things mum say when we play video games all day

Trashmouth Tozier

i saw call me by your name and i SCREAMED


AnniDav LOVE

What race are you

Scarlet - Pearl Mullions

1like= invinity f***deaths for that horrible d***head shame on that P.E teachers only if I could slap him into a coma and then curse him with not ever being liked or to speak he is the most horrible human in the world 🌍 even more horrible than my enemies 😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭😤😠😡🤬🤯😳🤭

wolf therian429

This will be great information cause I don't plan on going to college I plan on going to CDL school to become a truck driver I need to have full focus so I don't hurt or kill anyone on the road and to make sure I'm safe driving a big rig.


Amir Allon

How I can buy the net gun?!

Blake Walker

Baseball field

Noah Dotson


gnome kid

dude how do u even find all these easter eggs i mean it seems pretty almsot imposible for me

- PG427 -

Also, they needed to do something off the bridge. Like srsly I go down there very year Fayetteville is so fun I recommend it to anyone who visits. I'm from charleston, and there's tons of fund things there to, but not as much outdoor stuff as at the gorge

Sierra and Olivia

My mom was in a foster home for 4 years, because her mother, my grandmother, was a non stop smoker, to the point were she wouldn't care if they went on the streets naked..! She would make my mom go to the store to get cigarettes, (which was illegal) but the store owners got used to it, and let her buy it. My grandfather, who lives with me today, fought in court for many months. And now my mom, is his baby. And we haven't seen my grandmother since I was born 10 years ago... This makes me thankful for everything I have. Just keep saying, "ice got through everyday before this and I will get through the next."

when your friends say your not pretty

Well I made Nike's

ninja narwhal

Guru is awesome

Kwyncy Johnson

Do Rail fan stereotypes

GLS Insanity

I used to sled down my grandmas stairs with my cousins

Paul Arreola

What song is that called

Anton Perlleshi

Gdhdldlföf ist das Wetter das nicht fflfglfklföeöwöödädöfpf2223%77711110000035848%)&)599)3(&&%/09=%&&€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€1111111110000000000000000000000000000000000000000069900000000000000000€)€€((kjskezudidclflfld,gl la=v,fotkgkfklfflfofllflffopp=kxlfkriririfofflfkfkfkdxjfkcucjfofudhrufodofkfkkffkk))€)%)€)4)´)€0€€€€€€€§€€€3€€3$€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€´´´%%€%…@/%&5&&4&

Christopher Hernandez

Purple hoser and team cody


@icetwolf25 He's filming...


2:00 is this video sponsored by fruit ninja 😂😂😂

Official Enderman

Cmon coby you made me lose a bet

This is a reference to Clippit, the not-so-helpful assistant avatar from early versions of Microsoft Office.

John Kelly

It is a crime that I can only like this video once.

Bimboy Sotero

I know that minion song


Well maybe come to a country the correct way instead of coming illegally and learn their language before coming in an expecting us to learn your language that's like me going to Germany and not speaking their language and expecting them to learn my language

Cordellia Read

First time watching the Dolan twins. . . their okay.


There is another Easter egg you missed... when Deadpool is at the bar preparing to rescue the kid (Firefist), he says, “let’s go save New Zealand” this is a reference to the actor’s brakeout role in Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Carter Oyen


wow wow charlie pow nintendo


Onion Dip

He's thinking "I could have gotten a better deal with goat" lol

just one day

So these ppl were Brazilian??? Yes, you could do something if you were smarter but still have to go throw life and try to make it the best.


Build a ship


Bitches knee cap hangs off like an adams apple.




If you be passed out how can you even make this video?



thanks for your videos

Sara Lindsay


Dylan aka Da bugs bunny21

A day I dreamed about something ADIDAS


more speed


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