Baby's Music Box Lullabies - Collection of soothing nursery lullaby music for infants

There is now a new version of Baby's Music Box Lullabies on Youtube with a completely new list of songs! Check it out here:Music Box Lullabies is a collection of soothing nursery lullaby songs played with a traditional music box. It is accompanied by an animated mobile of stars traveling slowly across the night sky. Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere to help your child or infant to drift to sleep. This Youtube exclusive video features a playlist of fifteen nostalgic lullaby classics at a running total of twenty-four minutes. It includes renditions of works by such timeless composers as Johannes Brahms, Johann Pachelbel, Ludwig van Beethoven, J.S. Bach, and others. Below is a complete listing of the lullabies featured in this video.1. Brahm's Lullaby (00:06)2. Pachelbel's Canon (02:25)3. Toyshop (04:39)4. Hush Little Baby (06:32)5. Mary Had a Little Lamb (07:50)6. Chopsticks (08:52)7. At Sea (10:06)8. Frere Jacques (12:09)9. Fur Elise (13:05)10. Joy(14:09)11. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (15:53)12. Silent Night (16:54)13. The Monkey (18:27)14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (20:14)15. Bach's Prelude (21:28)If you would like to download Baby's Music Box Lullabies then TykeTunes has put the whole album for sale for through Bandcamp at the low price of $5.00. Check it out here:tracks in this video are available for both commercial and non-commercial licensing. Would you like to use these lullabies in your film or other project? Contact me at the following email to negotiate licensing terms that match your needs.jabackf@yahoo.comYou can find more information about me and my music on my personal web page:also sell stock audio through a wonderful company called AudioJungle:can also find more of my work on my Youtube channel:you like my music, please don't forget to hit the Like button and leave me a comment! You can also subscribe by clicking this link:

Mr_pineapplez Ftw

Kids react to Elton John


12:08 that moment where overtime music strikes again

Joe Freeman

I can shake my garden into a delicious baked pastry made of Tamales


Isn't that the Zombies song from Black Ops in the first easter egg?

Eduardo Aguirre

Like if your seeing this in 2014 :D

I'm still deciding on a cringe name

There was a guy that got struck by lightning 7 times

Bruno Silva

Thanks for your dedication and your fine work, man! You made my 2017 less of a shitty year than it already was!


I hate to be the insensitive guy, but as a person who's at the receiving end it is common knowledge to keep it private. I have an archive for it and kept it secret for years. I have a lot of advice for those at the recieving end of sexting.

Alan Rosas

Alguien aquí que hable español? XD

Ozzie Ozkay-Villa


BDiprosa _66

At the beginning, Cory wasn’t even looking at the camera

Friends friends friends friends

Namjoon Fe

I used to not get any cramps but now that I’ve had my period for over a year I’ve gotten a couple cramps like 1-2 every period. My twin, she’s had it for a year longer than I have and I guess she gets a lot of cramps because she usually takes pain killers while she’s on her period

Col. Gob Knobbler

I laughed way more than I should have at Trevor getting mauled.

jace&vinny bs

Gas fix every thing but walls no walls they stay

Lorraine A

they shouldve done the marriage counseling first when theyre on their rough patch before anything else.

Lori Mraz


Arctizz Bot

HHiHi wHi whHi whoHi whoeHi whoevHi whoever

Tyler:homo ass

Futebol Capixaba TV

He is a racist Trump supporter.

AJ Pubg Gamer

I know

Hochul Song

😃 nice shot panda

Jesse Padilla

once i saw he shot the rat and the rats started shoting i was WTF!?

julie baehr

I just realised this is Thai bc the us is Thai 😅 I'm so thick it's unbelievable that i didn't recognise my own culture


Sorry right but F2 are doing more difficult things tbh


Wow I didnt know that Borderlands one, you picked the right number one there :P

F1r3rst0rm seal

who wouldn't like dude perfect

Reuben Williams



no to exclusivity.


Would you ever like to do more stuff with your channel other than Easter egg videos?

Robyn Housman


The Togelord


MrChair567 XD

I got a little scared when the cats came on

Ricardo Flores

Cool tricks duds

Gamecock Highlights

Sub me k

me: throws* fails

Janahh Hshs

How have they not hit mire than 70 milliin

anne lohan

I can't stand my 5 day cycle, here she is having 5 month cycle

Zahara Li

Who is ur favorite character(Edit) comment below?Mine is Cory poor Corey

Garett Backe

Absolutely fantastic video. Thank you.


<3333 Amazing

E7 Retro

Should've ran the ball

Jennifer Morello

I think on the thumbnail the guy on the left is panda

Edward Ng

I don't like your game but I like you.

Sof F.

im soooooooooooooooooooooo scared


It costs about tree fiddy

Jimin got Yes jams

All the anorexics looking for meal ideas :)))

Ahjaah Jewett

Hype train in the station. Cho choo

But I am happy 🤷🏼‍♀️😁

Rhean Abarte

It's vert hard to tell someone

Naresh Kumar Arya

Coby is the cutest

Astrid Pena





Esteban Ozuna

John "The Winter Soldier" Wick

갤럭시즈 크GalaxyzCream

hold up hold up..


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