Hi everybody! I hope this helps you calm down when you are feeling anxious, scared, stressed or worried. Stress happens to everybody, it is up to us to help ourselves become aware of this and defeat it each time. Adjust the volume to your desire and please enjoy. If you would like a longer version, let me know and I'll be happy to extend it in the next few weeks with both a Scottish and English accent for your preference. xPatreon, ONLY if YOU wish:

shehraam ahmad

GTA vice city: BEFORE

John Clark



Getting scars in ny school makes u the "badass mysterious cool kid" 😂


1000 dollars? Why lie? You gave 100


Halle berry is nutz

Klaudia: Dad you are not divorcing after 45 years! You've made it this far. That's it! Me and Joshua are leaving from Chicago and coming back home tomorrow. Until then, Don't do anything DO YOU HEAR ME?


This was WAYYYY better than the actual Super Bowl

Lps Eryn Productions Blair

Please don't hate on Ireland because of 1 incident in a high school, I've came across over 3 comments saying "oh Ireland sucks the people there are mean and heartless screw them." I doubt they've even been to ireland, and I know some people are bad there, but seriously stop stereotyping these things!

Purple Tea

I love these!! Please keep making them


The second to last one is is a bit wrong you don't have to shoot in the pipe you inlet have to look in it

Gacha Girl

poor mike...


In battlefield 1 we will be fighting the COD FANBOY

The Wanderer

Buff burb

Joe Carpino

Hey u guy should do someone from the Philadelphia eaglesMy aunt would be very proud

Hate it and waiting yeah I hate waiting too

Joe’s Dad

Well, the doctor has bills to pay, my older cousin is a doctor (just finished medical school), and he still need to provide for himself

C & K Adventures

This looks hilariously

Torrie TV

We love an anorexic queen😍🦵🏾👏🏾👸🏽🦴


One Step 6. Wait 10 or 20 years i don't remember

kermit suicide

That fly at the end was so annoying


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