ASMR Anger Release Whispered Guided Meditation for Anger Management & Relaxation

A powerful ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Guided Meditation to assist with releasing of anger within your body. This has been whispered by Jason Stephenson with a blowing wind and wind chimes behind his voice. This is perfect for deep relaxation and to rid yourself of anger that you may be harboring within.Breathing in peace and love, breathing out anger.The music has been composed by Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke and is available fromCopyright Spire Audio. The music has Theta Binaural Beats to help you deeply relax. It is best listened to with headphones, however this is not a requirement for theASMR to be powerful enough to release your anger.Wind Recording is a special thanks to "Mario1298" and is available under the Creative Commons license,.to this twice daily if you have bottled anger inside of you that has been there for some time. It may take weeks or even months of continued listening to rid yourself of anger. But it can be done if you put the effort into it.Perfectif you have just experienced an "angry" moment and want to release it straight away - rather than bottling the anger up inside you.

Ber lin

Respect to the brothers and dad


Lots of people are hating on the girl telling this story, but I say its good she learned her lesson, and doesn't continue bullying her or anyone. :,) She learned from her mistakes at least.

Wanted Wolf

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asmr in Games?


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Fun Things

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City Chicken



Sooooo it's like a personality disorder but with amesia?

Natasha Daigle

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Bilegt Enkhtaivan



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Jenny Gottschall

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FireGaming Time


Charlotte Griffith

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whats the point of the last one? o.o

Somshubhro Mukherjee

Hey man, could you make the 'w' in Fun with Guru, an uppercase one? Fun With Guru's more closer to the original imo.

Harry Styles is a beautiful human

Hun that’s my worst nightmare. I kinda get your pain though. I get two periods a month.

Bebiana Goncavols Cruz



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