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Receive and energetic upgrade! Activate your higher mind and resurrect your soul self with beloved Archangel Uriel, the angel of wisdom. He also assists us in understanding karmic patterns and activates our claircognizance. visit Nadine Dassier and her sister healer Frannie Dassier at for affordable yet powerful classes, attunements, healing manifestation and art work.

daniel german

looks like Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast + Prince of Persia Sands of Time had a baby

Jay-Slater slater

May I just say recently 3 - 0

Dacey G

Wait how far are you?


travisshould go to the cowboys

Ruby Hord

2:42 ME

Dvxrak YT

Its true god hates gays god litterally ya yeet the earth to kill gay and i was like ya yeet

Govannan Gaming

Im a nobody

Its Supreme

"certain length" ends at 9:11 guru did 9/11 😨

Also Cyberpunk: has Keanu Reeves and Metal

Emmaus Frank

Not Gonna Lie But This Could Be A Film Theory/Game Theory Episode 🙃

Classic Basket

Gurukid, I love your voice. It almost makes me want to stop punting kittens. <3

LEO Artist

I don't know why I'm watching this. I'm bipolar... Not depressed

Dana Karmella Tamayo

Was I watching Kdrama just now?

memes with games animations

I live in Sacramento

iw x nitrogen

missed one easter egg out though where the guy gose crazy

Daniiel Willis

Itsyaboi !!!

Nate C

It said what other giant sports. What other giant sports could you do? I’d like to see you try to play giant football.






they probably have a jtag an turn on the aimbot

Kurt Janke


Abby Shack

“I though my dad was cheating but the truth was even worse”


Beastmaster thoe 😆



XiroMassave Gaming

Science Rules!!

Micah Mcdaris

Texas rode house is so much better

Joseph Doe

these videos get more and more unrealistic every time

Angy Barrientos

This is funny 😂


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