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Annie's Jelly Bean Jar - Children's Bedtime Story/Meditation

Annie Laurie has some special friends (jelly bean friends) that need her help. Follow this fun story with an important life lesson embedded that will teach your child all about the values of living together even though we are all different!Relax and fall to sleep at the end!Support Me Become A Patron visit my online Ajna Store to purchase exclusive meditations for download! FaceBook - Ask to join Corys ConsciousLiving to meet conscious friends!Instagram - LoveInFlow for Healthy Recipes!

Winser Rayela

Whos watching in 2019 i do 37 in a row


Alright, guys. Operation: Dislike is a go.They’ll make Frozen II but not WALL-E 2. Smh

Im your teacher


Should've jumped in the water in the last one, see what would happen

Him: i love you so much

J Voltage

This video was made on my birthday🎂🍰

Lucas Sinclair

This was flipping amazing guys thanks for putting so much effort in this just for us

Jerry Jones

hey guy come check out our videos:) nothing special just 8ft dunks:) really would help us out if you come check it out please

Yunho: Yes


0:54 I am, hands down, a Mr. No-Touchie.


That made me cry

Ghost Assassin

?! they did!? I gotta watrch thet

Owen does more

I’m the human controller

Max Resar


IvoZ_ [FTS]

did some1 spot smiledog near the employees door of first easter egg

Kehinde Olawoyin

What is the name of your channel

Jordan Kier

team cory no matter what

Jason Steelflex

Hopefully this explains the origins of Elsa's powers

Fight for everlasting cake!


I think it would be a far better system because giving people control of the money and how it is spent instead of the government paying the bill will lead to free market competition which leads to falling prices instead of rising prices like in the education and health care markets.But in order for it to work and not deincentivise people, it has to be very basic,like maybe $10,000 a year and we would have to get rid of ALL other social programs and we would also have to reduce other areas of the government drastically like all the useless departments and all the wasteful military offensive spending.

Luck God

Usopp would be proud

read the first


I think I have Ann lol

RYZE_ Rxspxct

I wonder how many attemtps it took to do the intro

Blueberry Bubblegum BBB

im so skinny but i was born like that im probably a little less skinn than you where

Pk evlur

sometimes i dont shower for a year.....

Daniel Bilinski

I'd do that lego walk easy

Toasted C

You said it was to press f to pay respects but it showed press e

Savannah Hill

Travis will be good at Atlanta falcons

shayan rehman

1:50 ur welcome

Juris Dumagan

1:20 the chances of that making it in

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