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There’s a lot of people who say that there the richest in the world:/

Fawk Yu

maybe cuz ur not a video editing expert lolthis vid is definitely fakeeven the world strongest man can't throw a basketball that far and high up!!!

Sauce Television

What's up with season 2

Evan King

after it said 321 an add popped up

doing what I love makes me ME

I kind of get it. That u needed to be out of that dark situation with a free mind and then decide what was good for u. A new relationship or fixing the old one.

Cam Johnholtz


Little Quinn

I don't think i'm depression but I hate myself so much Everyday I live like a loser, I do the same thing again and again like I have nothing to do i stay at home doing unless things, I failed my Exam I made my Family feel Down Every body blame on me , I'm a useless person, I lock myself in my room I always think about suicide but my MUM and DAD is the reason I stay without them I maybe die along time ago and I don't want to live like this but I have no idea what to do, I feel so lonely I have no one to talk to....

An Ethiopian Village

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Nathan Adams

in your 7 hours of Easter eggs video, was the audio purposely meant to be lagging a few seconds behind or...?

Ghost Fox

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love your videos, how lond did it took to find them all

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How you make these videos???

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i know its editing, but it really looks like these were done on the first take

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