Alan Watts ~ How To Calm The Mind

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Dawson Renner

Ty did everything


Twin tower

austin freese

look at our trick shots

Giselle Brodeur

Laurie Hernandez

Karen Feder

who is who?

Scaredy-cat Buddy trooper:. "Yeaaaah. About that...there was this guy who sided with the Empire; light years above our level of training. And....Oh."

Kyle: Picks up an Air Max 1

Christian Puncake

You should do a top 10 xbox/xbox one exclusive EasterEggs same with PS3/PS4 with like halo for the xbox one exclusive with other games and im famous for PS with other games like kill zone


Black Ops 2 easter egg is....

Mordyr's Video Dumpster

the dark souls of guru videos

One like on the video 100 slaps for Matt

Freya Broom

This bitch crazy

Stella Iman

If someone hits you, you hit them back, no matter what gender/sexuality either of you are.

KittyGamer101 katgurl

These tips might help me a lot! Thx.

Healin Kim

You are JK Rowling

J Harju

The Max Payne 3 easter egg is a perfect blend of Rockstar humor and Remedy ingenuity.


I guess this ducked up MatPat a bit

[Verse 1: Drake]

Gen E


Everett Underwood

Finds a leaf Cody: this a 1600 maple tree leaf that was on george Washington’s bush outside his front yard


where is the spoiler alert god damnit, guru i love your videos but man...


Please make your own server or rent one and invite us. I believe i'm speaking for everyone when I say this.

Kelley Wilson

team: coby

eva 1236

You're cute

- Jae -

Allan super

Lets' go billbolrd

Andrea Wilkins


Keanu King

Waz that a fucking granade

The Feldkamp's

Emma does Dolan’s day......*goes into coffee with drawl*


10:03 ASMR in videogames part 1

Kazuo Wong

Camper Always Win 🍗

Hey guru ....

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Anyone know any other rappers like NF? The rappers we have nowadays are trash...

Me:What you ask for now smh

Simme Rocky

Is this really GTA 5?


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