Ah Morning Meditation Dr Wayne Dyer

Relax to this 20 minute morning meditation with the loved Dr. Wayne Dyer. Just 20 minutes every morning will keep you aligned with source and change the entire course of your life. Happy manifesting!

Rafael Cardoso

Why a recomend video 10 years after YouTube?

Farzeen Firoz

Anyone here in May 2019?😂

Antonio Perrotta

1:27 😂😂😂

Darkmac G

I haven't even been able to afford an Xbox x lol. rip


@lazerman22314 yea

turbo eVo

Lol, Zeus and Poseidon are Greek gods.



Wait... wait... The Talk?! She waited THAT long to tell you?


#YIAYjob alcoholic

Cynide Pill


вαѕєl ѕωѕι

العربي يحط لايك❤️

Taylor Davies

You hugs are amzzing


Are you completely done making glitch videos? Or are you still doing them in secret?

jahan johnson

two straight snacks

Carl Patrick

Favorite NBA Youngboy Song?

Tyler McCulloch

The fishing battle was sick like if you agree

26 yunhoney

and Elio he was a professional asmrer

Kookie Gacha Wolf

government: cIgArEtTeS cAn StAy LeGaL

Patriot Liquid

Only one I found was board games :-D

Im the person who NEEDS to gain weight..

Jose xD

It looks like a big penis lol

Rachel Smith

Yaasss kingdom hearts it Da bomb


Guys, if you check the yogurt twitter account you will find two people named Elle and drew (i think). They are twitter accounts with real profile pictures and they are a couple. And it's all from Naughty Dog.

Minecraft kid


Milsa Zepeda

ᴄᴏᴏʟ ɪ ɢᴜᴇss

Diana Turner

"take #236"lol, just kidding

I can learn a lot from you, gotta come teach me (Woo, woo) 


I'm a very shy quiet but interfaces a lot person but my chin is always up and I'm not the person that someone would want to mess with though I'm shy and quiet If that ever happened to me or any girl I would actually beat someone the f up and traumatize them.

Gaming with Pizza

Someone show this to Epic Games

Joab Johnstone

MJ definitely had games where he didn't step up and his team won him the games he always had more points because he never stopped shooting but he had some horrendous games


im pretty sure you are not a boss

░░░█░░░░░░▄██▀▄▄░░░░░▄▄▄░░░░█░░ Just Perfect

Jack Hannah


David McElmoyle

The ones that don't disappear are ones that Kohima didn't work on

ben helton

dude perfect is awesome


you should of shot Fred

SnowingHaze PGo

My name is Ella too! :p


How do you join

Ekaterine Uznadze



What...is...going on?!


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