Santh Janaa Mil Har Jas Gaaeiou - Official video - Gurdev Singh - Dav Juss - Dharam Seva Records

Dharam Seva Records - A Non Profit Label.Artist-Gurdev SinghMusic- Dav JussVideo-Gursimrat singhEditor and artwork-Gursimrat singhLabel-Dharam Seva RecordsDownload link -- ---

Make a Person LOVE YOU - Law of attraction

Veronica talks about how your words are SO powerful in attracting a specific person to LOVE YOU.This technique works for any type of specific person situation like an ex, a crush, friends with benefits, short term relationship, open relationship, long distance relationship, online relationship, etc.Includes helpful affirmations for empowerment and success! Get ready for the results!Coaching available at-me at-VeronicaIsles@gmail.comeBooksPackages for the 25 Day Challenge25 Day Challenge Videos-the Veronica Raffle! Check out details here

"Pure Clean Positive Vibration" Meditation Music for Positive Energy - Remove Negative Thoughts -959

"Pure Clean Positive Vibration" Meditation Music for Positive Energy - Remove Negative Thoughts -959Download This music on iTunes: Album : Essence of Spirit, Track no. 4 - Meditation Music for Positive EnergyYou Can Find on Our Channel:You can find variety of music that will help you to relax on our Channel – Meditation and Healing. They include relaxing music that will help you to relief stress. Or relief yourself from negative feelings like anxiety and help to enhance positive energy in you. It can also give your meditation techniques a boost if you use this type of soothing music as you meditate. It can also have healing capacity where you will learn how to find inner peace and heal yourself within with the capability of music. The above points are all valid as it has been shown that music has been used to treat or aid restoration from illness and help us to find the harmony between our mind and body. Using Music therapy, we can find the level of emotional distress like depression, help to build self-esteem in patients who are not mentally sound.Join Our community on social media:►Google+:our Albums Here:ITUNES► ► BABY ► like, share and subscribe.copyright © Meditation and Healing © Prabin Dangol All rights reserved🙏 Please follow me on:Spotify: 🎶 Download My Music from the following sources:iTunes: CdBaby: 👦 About Myself:My name is Prabin Dangol, a music composer and a sound designer. I have been composing music for almost 15 years on various genre. My moto is simply to spread positive energy and thoughts all over the world. My music generally helps to enhance positive energy and relax mind body.If you love my work, I request you to connect with me by subscribing to my Meditation & Healing or Transformation & Miracle Channel.More about me: © All Music are copyrighted to Meditation & Healing YouTube Channel by Prabin Dangol ( P.D)Images Licenced from: DepositPhotos.Footages Licenced from: Videoblocks/ Storyblocks.

Sci-Fi Short Film "The Replacement" presented by DUST

Subscribe and watch more sci-fi shorts on DUST: Replacement" Written and Directed by Sean Miller, Produced by Naz KhanOn election night, a janitor feels cheated out of a life he might have lived when his own clone becomes the President. He goes on a bender to seek justice, encountering new forms of prejudice, dismissal, and classism. In a society where the morality around cloning is dividing the masses, physically looking like the newly elected President has its own dangers…Director's Statement:The Replacement was born out of an interest in technology out pacing society and culturalpanic. We seem to be speeding toward faster solutions for our problems with little regard to the side effects they are having on culture as a whole. The Replacement is a film about how the best of intentions can get us into places we didn't expect. The Replacement reflects this with a world of clones that can out-perform their originals at everything. Having just won equal rights, the clones are stars of a new identity politics movement, with less and less room for natural born humans.Film related links:#DUST #ShortFilmDUST: Binge-watchable Sci-fiDUST is the first multi-platform destination for binge watchable sci-fi. We feature science fiction short films and other content from emerging filmmakers with stunning visual effects, captivating plots and complex character explorations. Robots, aliens, space exploration, technology, and human experience are all a part of DUST. Explore, subscribe and follow for more:Subscribe to DUST on YouTube: more: for DUST newsletter:

Nature Sounds Relaxation-Birds Singing-Sound of Water-Relaxing Soothing Meditation-Mindfulness

The 12 most popular soundscapes in one great value bundle for you to purchase and download Relaxing nature sounds from the forest, river, lake, ocean & waterfall with and without birdsong are great for meditation or mindfulness relaxation. Single mp3’s x 24” Posters. Remember to subscribe for new videos each week.Nature sounds with the soothing sound of a waterfall and birds singing are relaxing to our minds and help us to sleep, we are able to relax with these peaceful sounds which have accompanied us since the dawn of time, we are familiar with natures rhythms, they are part of our own rhythms, we feel safe and comfortable with the sounds of nature. We can find nature sounds to be therapeutic and can heal many disorders and illnesses simply by listening to the healing sounds of nature. Nature Sounds are perfect for improving and accompanying a relaxation, meditation or mindfulness program.The calming sounds of nature are a natural tonic for mind and body. Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness are very important to ones wellbeing. Take time with these relaxing nature sounds and allow yourself to relax and de-stress.Check out these 4 Hour mp3's for your favourite nature sounds a few moments out of your busy day for relaxation and or meditation, sit or lie in a relaxing position and let these calming Nature sounds and images melt away your stress and tension. It is a good idea to take some time away from your normal hectic schedule and relax. Let the soothing nature sounds of this forest scene, relax and calm you. As you listen to these soothing sounds breath in a relaxed manner, feel positive energy travel throughout your mind and body. This meditation will rejuvenate you and help you to replenish your energy to face the rest of your day.Study after study has proven that the healing sounds of nature help people to find a peace within that assists healing of many conditions and illnesses. The soothing sounds of nature have helped literally hundreds of thousands of people across the world with finding an inner calmness to help them with study, getting to sleep, relaxing, meditating and fighting off illness, alleviating depression and stress in their lives. Insomnia can be helped with Relaxation techniques and a practice of meditation aided by the calming sounds of nature. Take time to relax with these soothing images and nature sounds. This peaceful natural soundscape has been created specifically to help you in your life, take advantage of it's healing energy and relax with it daily, play it during the day as you work, study or relax, play it at night to help you get a better sleep. Share with friends, they will thank you for it.You can get your favourite 8 hour or 1 hour nature sounds mp3's at 1 Hour HD Nature Videos as mp4 downloads. Natures calming sounds and vision captured for your viewing pleasure.Great classic novels as Audio Book mp3 downloads or as unique sensory videos Video playlists you may find interesting:-Classical Music with Nature8 Hours of Nature SoundsSleep Aid SoundsRecordings of Birds Singingof Natural Water SoundsTherapy Sounds and Nature for Relaxationof the SeaButler Yeats Poetry ReadingsComplete Collection of Uploads to YoutubeYoutube #naturesounds #relaxingsounds #forestsounds

Fall Asleep Fast: Deep Sleep Music, Meditation Music, Relaxing Music, Sleeping Music ★134

Fall asleep fast in a tropical paradise with deep sleep music by Peder B. Helland. Relax with beautiful nature videos and relaxing music to inspire sweet dreams. I make meditation music, study music, relaxation music, background music, spa music and a lot more. Listen to more sleeping music here ► my music ►am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it. Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. All your warm support really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!~Peder B. Helland------------------------------------------------------------------------------~Places to download my music~Itunes ► ► ► Play ►you want to listen to all of my music (in other genres as well), feel free to check out my other channel ► personal Facebook page ►

5-स्वरूप के अभ्यास मे‌ पांच स्वमान - सकाश योग कमेंट्री √|ᴮᵏ ᴷᵃᵇⁱʳ ᵇʰᵃⁱ

recent recording- पवित्रता का दान दे पांच स्वरूप के‌ अभ्यास व्दारा ,इससे बढेगी हमारी एकाग्रता और मनोबल

Rev. Ike: The Magic Words that ATTRACT Money or KICK it Away! (Law of Attraction)

© Rev. Ike Legacy, LLC Watch Rev. Ike and learn how to SOLVE your MONEY PROBLEMS! Click here to learn more about Rev. Ike's Master of Money Course on MP3 up for 3 Free Gifts from Rev. Ike here:the Share button below this video and share it on Facebook, Twitter and more! Tell your friends about Rev. Ike!Click the SUBSCRIBE button to be notified about new Rev. Ike videos.Follow Rev. Ike on Facebook for 'everything Rev. Ike' including free videos, audios, articles, affirmations and more! Click here: Rev. Ike on Twitter for daily wisdom, inspiration, and links to free audio and videos. Ike's most popular full-length audio teachings are available for purchase on downloadable MP3s.Click here for free digital catalog of MP3 products, including detailed descriptions and audio samples: love to know what you think! Join the conversation by leaving your comment in the comment box.All audio, video and printed Rev. Ike materials are copyrighted by Xavier Eikerenkoetter and may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.

#1 Law of Attraction Technique I Wish I Knew Earlier...

FREE financial success hypnosis recording download the 2nd Mind Neuroprogrammer @ wish I would've known this law of attraction truth earlier because not only would it have saved me tons of time, but it would have allowed me to create all the things that I wanted in life a lot faster. And so I'm making this video because I want the, the time it takes for you to live whatever life you want in anything you want out of your life. I want that time to be quicker for you. I want you to create the things that you want even faster. And I want them to be even better. And I wish I knew this earlier because I would've happened for me. And when I did learn this, everything in my life came to me so much faster. So I did my affirmations, I made my vision board, I did all of these things and I wasn't getting what I wanted to the utmost. And you can do your affirmations. Watch these videos. You can make your vision board, you can work hard, you can do everything. Anything possible. You could do all of it to two as an added tool in your tool belt of creating the life that you want. But if you forget this one thing, it's never going to work and it's because this one thing is the key to manifesting and it's also the key to the science behind transforming your brain and creating the things that you want in life. And that answer is feeling, feeling used. The secret. It's the number one law of attraction. Truth. I wish that I knew earlier. Feeling is the secret, and if you don't feel it, you will not get it. Comment down below feeling is the secret. It's also the name of a Neville Goddard book. Feeling is the secret comma that down below, calming that down below. See, I used to, I made a software designed to rewire my mind and I and I made hypnosis design. They're both free down below. It's if you scroll to the comments, they're pinned right there at the top of the comments right there. You'll see it panned and you can get both of those for free. And they changed my life, especially when I learned this, but I did all of those things, but it didn't start to affect me. And and every affirmation and vision board and everything, until I learned that feeling was the secret. I wanted to make millions of dollars in inspire millions of people. Very clear, very simple. It was on a is a half of a sentence. I carried it on index cards with me everywhere that I went, I did all the everywhere that I went, but until I started to feel it, it didn't happen. Why? Because law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. You're feeling is your energy. That's your energy in the moment. And when your energy, then what you can attract into your life shifts. And that's how you reprogram the subconscious mind. Because the subconscious mind is the emotional mind. How you feel determines whether or not you can reprogram it. So I started getting, I started exaggerating how I was feeling like at the beginning where I'd just be like, yes, I'm already inspired. Millions of people. Oh my God, my videos are going viral. My wife and I would go on a walk and we would talk about it over and over and over again. Yes, it's happening. It's happening. I'm making millions of dollars in inspiring millions of people today. I'm so excited about it, but it wasn't working at the time. My wife was in debt. She was my girlfriend then, but she was in debt. I was getting like five, six, seven views on youtube videos. It wasn't really working. Nothing was really happening yet, but the, that was only the outer appearance of things. And unless you can feel the inner appearance of something, the inner reality of something, you can't change the outer reality. And you may have heard about, you know, using your vision board, do your affirmation, think about what you want, know what it is that you want. Everyone says, this is the key. This is the key. This is the key. This is the key. But none of those keys work without this key feeling as if you already have it. Now you might say, well, how do I do that? Well, you do it all the time in the negative. I do it all the time and the negative, everyone in society does it all the time in the negative because we're programmed to do it. We think about the worst case scenario is if it's already happening, we feel the physiological sensation of it. We convince ourselves there's no good guys left. We convince ourselves we have some limitation that will not allow us to make more money and to attract more success in your life. So we feel helpless or we feel despair. We, you know, and, and in, in a funny example of real life, the first time that my parents ever left me home alone, I got so frail. I was sure there was a robber in the house and I got so afraid that I called the police.

Tara Brach Leads a Guided Meditation for Sleep and Relaxation

Tara Brach leads a guided meditation: "Relaxing by day, Sleeping at night: Finding Inner Stillness and Ease"More than one-third of adults in the U.S. don't get enough sleep, and studies have shown that mindfulness can make a positive difference. When we effectively quiet the mind and relax the body, sleep comes naturally. By being well-rested, we are better able to respond to the demands of our lives with intelligence and kindness, resilience and grace. This guided meditation will help cultivate access to relaxed attentiveness and a pathway to ease-filled sleep.Listen: Visit Community Wisdom on Sleep: **************************************************************Visit Tara's website: to Tara's podcast: Join Tara's email community to receive exclusive updates, events, meditations, and get a free download of Tara’s new 10 min meditation: “Mindful Breathing: Finding Calm and Ease":support will enable us to continue to offer these talks freely. If you value them, I hope you will consider offering a donation at this time. Visit: With thanks and love, Tara

Bella Musica Instrumental China-Musica Relajante Zen-Antidepresivo-Sonido de Agua y Pajaros

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds-Beautiful Chinese Instrumental Zen Music-Chinese Zen Healing Music-Soothing Waterfall Sounds-Birds Chirping Bella Musica Instrumental China-Musica Relajante Zen-Relajante-Antidepresivo-Sonido de Agua y Pajaros

Autism Calming Sensory: Relaxing Music

Relaxing Music for Autism.To help in case of Autism Meltdown or simply to help Calm and Relax.SUBSCRIBE: For updates and new Sensory Videos and Calming Music. [Remember to click the bell to be notified of new uploads!!]SHARE: If you enjoy this video or find it helpful please do share it!Any thoughts or constructive comments welcome.--------#autism#meltdown#autismcalmingmusic#calmingmusic#sensory#autismrelaxation#classroommusic#relaxingmusic______Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (License | Free for commercial use | No attribution required

Música Relajante para Tranquilizar la Mente con Cascada y Bosque, Relajarse y Dormir

Música relajante para tranquilizar la mente y el alma con vídeo de cascada y bosque, música para dormir y relarse con sonido de agua relajante, música sanadora para aliviar el estrés y calmar la mente y el alma, relajarse y dormir...MÚSICA RELAJANTE: RELAJARSE:

Dil Ki Yahi Lagan I Bk-divine songs I bk meditation song I Pramela Jain

Dil ki Yahi lagan hai..... Man ka Yahi kathan hai...... #BrahmaKumarisSong #BkdivinesongsDo enjoy this soothing brahmakumaris meditation song. ...................................................................Link to Some other songs which you may like:Link to : om shanti woh yog ki uchaito :Yahi man me baba hai to: mere parampita paramatma to :Tere pyaar mein jo sukh milta hai to :Shiv Apada haranto :banaya Prabhu Ne Hai ApnaLink :you for watching. Hope you enjoy.

Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love

Leonard Cohen - Dance Me To The End Of Love (Official Video)Listen on Spotify:Listen on Apple Music:Amazon:YouTube Music:Facebook: Website: Lyrics:Dance me to your beauty with a burning violinDance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely inLift me like an olive branch and be my homeward doveDance me to the end of loveDance me to the end of loveOh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are goneLet me feel you moving like they do in BabylonShow me slowly what I only know the limits ofOh dance me to the end of loveDance me to the end of loveDance me to the wedding now, oh dance me on and onDance me very tenderly and dance me very longWe're both of us beneath our love, we're both of us aboveDance me to the end of loveDance me to the end of loveDance me to the children who are asking to be bornDance me through the curtains that our kisses have outwornRaise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is tornDance me to the end of loveDance me to your beauty with a burning violinDance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely inTouch me with your naked hand, touch me with your gloveDance me to the end of loveDance me to the end of loveDance me to the end of love

The Meditation You Need Every Morning For A Better Day - Meditation Practice

✦ Best way to wake up , Morning Meditation , Just to this every day and see wonders happening in your life , Meditation Practice , If you want to meditate you must watch this every morning ✦ How to Start a Meditation Practice Begins at 2:49 ✦ If you struggle and have a hard time , consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp -Don't forget to subscribe :✦ Speakers :Dandapani----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------✦ Music by Audiojungle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Madana Mohana Murari - Music for Deep Meditation | Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa

Meditation upon transcendental sound is a deep reservoir of all-satisfying waters that allows you to experience inner peace and spiritual happiness. The more you drink from this reservoir, the more your heart will be filled with spiritual love and comfort.Rest your heart and mind in this beautiful, transcendental mantra:*Madana Mohana Murari Haribol Haribol Haribol*Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa comes in a long line of self-realized yoga masters in the disciplic succession known as the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya. His beautiful, heart touching chanting is infused with a spiritual potency that has deeply moved and inspired countless people around the world for over 45 years.Experience more videos by Jagad Guru :KirtansWisdomWebsites to learn from Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda

Duduk Meditation Memories of Caucasus Armenian Flute

The duduk is easily the most recognisable Armenian musical instrument, featuring perhaps more often in funerals, due to its melancholy tone, than in weddings, although it is also used during celebrations or for dances. With different variations and names, it is used throughout the region – the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.01 Where is She?02 Through Loreign Deserted Roads03 I Beg You Mountains04 They Look Away My Loved One05 Fallowing The Banks Of he Arax River* This Channel has no monetary or commercial intentions.The music published in this channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation art and music gathering people that like the genre and style. Also divulging artists and their creations.If the image or music appearing in this channel violates the copyright or licensing, please inform me.

The Boo Boo Story with Princess from Vlad and Nikita

When mommy feels bad and has a boo boo, the children Vlad and Nikita will always help her.Please Subscribe!VLAD Instagram - Instagram -

Do you want to know the power of Ho'oponopono? - Mabel Katz

For more information visitthis workshop I talk about how Ho'oponopono can be The Easiest Way to be free and happy, and how important it is to get out of your comfort zone to achieve other things.Mabel Katz in Conscious Life Expo Workshop recorded on february 20 2016 in Los Angeles, USA

BEDTIME - GUIDED MEDITATIONS for Children - Insomnia - Relaxation

- Direct Link - BUY DOWNLOAD Purchase Link Here:Direct Link - BUY CD HERE - Info:© music is being used with permission under license.Music: Title: "Bedtime - Guided meditations for children"- FULL Album -by Michelle Roberton-JonesMichelle has created 10 special bedtime meditations for children aged 5 and upwards. Meditation at bedtime encourages the child to release the day and aid a good nights sleep. To let go of all that no longer matters, with the breath. To listen and concentrate on the words as magnificent pictures start to form in the mind and create thoughts and feelings of happiness, security and love.This video uses the full Bedtime - Guided Meditations for children - full album ( about 1 hour )Bedtime - Guided Meditations for children List:1. Little fluffy clouds2. Dream blanket3. Man in the moon4. Sweet Dreams5. White feathers6. Rainbow drops7. Bear8. Bubble Bath9. Star light10. The dream fairiesVideo: © 2014 Relax Night and DayRelax Night and Day Youtube ChannelCopyright (c) 2014 Relax Night and Day. Corel Corporation und seine Lizenzgeber. Alle Rechte vorbehalten."Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Anwaltskanzlei fürIT Recht Herr Rechtsanwalt Hohenhauused: Audacity(R) Audio-Editor, LameBildquelle / picture: "Girl lying in bed with moon in hands. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA" © by Sergey Nivensat www.shutterstock.comDirect Link:images and/or photos on this page are the copyrighted property of Shutterstock, their Contributors or Licensed Partners and are being used with permission under license. These images and/or photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission from Shutterstock.""Einige Bilder und/oder Fotos auf dieser Seite oder in diesem Produkt sind das urheberrechtlich geschuetzte Eigentum von Shutterstock oder autorisierten Lieferanten, die gemaess der Lizenzbedingungen genutzt werden. Diese Bilder und/oder Fotos duerfen nicht ohne Erlaubnis von Shutterstock kopiert oder herunterladen werden."

3 Hour Beautiful Anime Piano Music for Relaxing & Stress Relief【BGM】

3 Hour Beautiful Anime Piano Music for Relaxing & Stress Relief【BGM】▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬❂ Credits: ❋ Pianubi- BigRicePiano- ArimaLee Music- SeoHwa- ❋ Jellist- Sqwizzix- Kenzie Smith Piano- TheNovaProjekt- Bella&Lucas- Je4 You- AnimeMidi- Torby Brand- Marioverehrer - Blackchaos Vortex- tifita- Quellatalo Nin- Listen more BGM, Anime and Piano Music: #PianoMusic, #BGM, #relaxingmusic, #stressrelief:►2 Hour Beautiful Piano: Hour Beautiful Kimi no Na wa Piano: list: 0:00:00 5 Centimeters per Second Cover by Pianubi0:02:45 No Matter How Long by BigRicePiano0:06:18 Boruto - Sarada's Heartache Cover by Arima Lee0:10:32 Kimi no Uta cover by SeoHwa0:15:16 Akane Sasu cover by SeoHwa0:20:43 Itsumo Nando Demo cover by Jellist 0:23:25 Popotan cover by Sqwizzix0:25:16 Anohana -I Left You Last0:26:52 Ao Haru Ride cover by Kenzie Smith0:29:06 Brother cover by TheNovaProjekt0:31:30 Where Love is Found by ArimaLee0:35:56 To Love's End cover by Bella&Lucas0:38:10 Yosuga No Sora - Toui Sora He0:41:35 Narcissu – Scarlett0:44:38 Kara no Shoujo - For you0:48:45 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Dear You0:52:48 Toradora - Lost My Pieces0:54:43 Spirited away cover by Je4 You0:57:18 Watashi No Uso cover by Sqwizzix1:00:36 Hotaru cover by AnimeMidi1:02:22 A Tender Feeling Cover by Torby Brand1:04:14 Sword Art Online - think tenderly of you1:06:12 Naruto - Companions cover by Marioverehre1:08:02 Nisekoi 2 - Tsuioku by Blackchaos Vortex1:09:45 Brothers cover by Marioverehrer1:13:14 Pandora Hearts - Lacie cover by AnimeMidi1:15:12 Fairy Tail – Main Theme by Sqwizzix1:17:33 Fairy Tail - Fairy's Glitter by tifita1:19:38 Naruto Shippuden - Despair cover by Kenzie Smith1:22:20 Koe No Katachi - LVS cover by Justin Jet Zorbas 1:24:29 Love Live - Kanashimi no Yoru1:27:00 Ao Haru Ride - I Will by Chelsy cover by GovzLegacy1:29:58 Ao haru ride - Futaba To Yuuri1:32:09 Spirited Away cover by Jia Li1:34:50 Sword Art Online - good bye, again and again1:36:43 Haru wo Shiraseru mono1:40:55 I am Setsuna – Farewell1:47:11 Sword Art Online - think tenderly of you1:49:09 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 1:51:38 Love Live - Kanashimi no Yoru1:54:12 Ao haru ride - Futaba To Yuuri1:56:18 Haru wo Shiraseru mono2:00:30 Clannad - Small Palms2:05:05 Bakemonogatari - staple stable2:07:10 Platinum Mad cover by Quellatalo Nin2:08:45 Secret Base cover by Kenzie Smith Piano2:10:26 Hana-Saku Iroha - I do love is the word2:11:58 Oregairu Zoku -Yui no Ketsui2:14:27 Oregairu Zoku - Sannin de Iru Jikan2:17:00 5 Centimeters Per Second – Ending2:21:03 Non non Biyori - Hidamari Michi2:24:03 Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou - Kimi ga Yobu Namae2:26:43 Air - Summer wind夏影2:29:57 Angel Beats! - Brave Song2:37:07 Gokukoku no Brynhildr - Nukumori Omune ni2:38:50 Your Lie in April - My Lie2:41:58 Is the Order a Rabbit - Daydream café2:44:28 Oregairu Zoku - Nisemono Nichijou2:46:20 Oregairu Zoku - Tsunagitometa Sekai2:48:56 Heroman – RECOLLECTION2:51:25 Kamichu - Yumeiro Sakamichi2:54:10 Higurashi When They Cry - Confession2:56:31 Clannad -White Clovers - Shirou Tsumekusa3:01:36 Mirai Nikki - Here with You3:04:35 Your Lie in April - My Lie▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬★COPYRIGHT / LICENSING★►All rights belong to their respective owners. If any owner of track/background used in this mix is unhappy, feel free to contact me if anything is wrong: (───────────────────_The Soul of Wind_


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