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A Desert Oasis - Guided Meditation for a Clear Mind

Inner Space: “Visualise yourself, sitting comfortably, Sitting alone by the water in an oasis…take a few deep breaths ……” Use this meditation as a calming method to unwind. Subscribe on:

Angela's Diary

This reminds me of the idea of that one black mirror episode! Anyone know which I'm talking about?

William Trent

the golden boy wants his gold ball back

Bull Rhino

Do Texas rangers

Drew Schindler

@Bimber001 def not fake man; there's a reason why these guys are the best

Brian Abi Habib

Biggest pool I ve ever seen

Mary Green

Cody's new name fail man

Helena Veiga

me: reads title

Tame Coast

I like how fortnite wanted to act like a real sweat so they danced after they killed them >.> (They know ALMOST everyone's toxic)


you should have 1m sub <3


do a nz editon

Liesl-Lottie Pilgrim

Why did he kill the step mom tho? 🤷🏼‍♀️

OhNo Antonio

I love Easter Eggs!


This is so sad can we eat my ass and bomb tilted towers?


7 more days! :D


tbh doesn't matter if anyones fat. If they're able to move or still have feelings. the're human.


Also with the Breaking Bad one, the car looks similar to Skylar's.

Zain Castillo

Let’s go cowboys


Behind the back strike

Ricardo Alberto

Like every week, good videos ;) keep doing it

Oof erdoodlez

cheating atheists have joined the chat

gopnjik suka mc bljet

Ništa ne može biti dobro


2:00 how many dropped patty’s doing it

Some Salty Bitch

I was thinking your crepe recipe sounded damn familiar to the one I use, and then you said Alton Brown :’) fuck yes

Raul Huza

Ninja warrior fortnite edition

Sksksks Sksksks

“And with that came the cost of death, and I didn’t mind” S A M E


fuckin happy fe eh xD

Alur Pranav

awesome guys

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