ACHIEVE ANYTHING ~ With This Sleep Meditation

ACHIEVE ANYTHING ~ With This Sleep MeditationSelective Attention Video: to dauchsy meditations. The world is so vast and so big that our brains can not process everything going on around us. We can only focus on a small portion of what’s truly happening. Our senses sight, sound, and so on are always working, but we do not have the capacity to focus on the meaning of all of it. This is actually shown in a study on selective attention. I will put a link on the description below. This video has its viewers try to count the number of passes of a ball between 3 kids. But in the middle of the video a person comes out right in the middle of everyone, dressed in a gorilla costume, beats his chest and then walks off the screen. When asked at the end of the video, who saw the gorilla, around half of the people had no idea there was a gorilla in the middle of the screen. So what does this mean? Why does it matter that we can only focus on so much.We can only see what we focus on. As for everything else, we are mostly blind to it.It shows us how the mind truly works in our reality. Not only in achieving small tasks such as counting the number of passes, but on a much larger scale with much more complex problems. When we focus on a task, our view is narrow and we will only see the things that will help up accomplish that goal. Anything else that comes into view, we tend to ignore. We save our mental capacity by ignoring the things that do not matter and pick out the things that do matter that will bring you closer to your goal.This is how the law of attraction works and manifesting through visualization works.The way we think and the way we see the world is very narrow. We only see and can only process a little bit of everything that is going on in our reality. And when you set a goal and focus on those goals, you are guiding that narrow focusWhen you set goals you begin to see opportunities, you find meaning in things you never noticed before, you begin to put the pieces together. Your brain will notice things in your surroundings, and say hey! You need to focus on this right here because it will help you accomplish your goal. The reason everyone in the world has problems is because that is how our mind works. Our mind will find problems or create problems so that it can solve these problems.So when you give your mind a goal, it will see it as a problem to solve and it will find a solution.Without goals, your brain will just randomly create problems and try to find problems with complete randomness. Creating unnecessary problems in your life. If you have ever asked yourself why it always seems like you have problems in your life, well that is the reason. When you set goals, you take that focus and the incredible power of the mind and direct it towards accomplishing that goal. And it will solve the problem.The trick is in creating the right goal. And being specific on what you truly want.In this meditation, you will be creating these specific goals, visualizing yourself accomplishing these goals, all as you fall asleep, deeply ingraining these goals into the subconscious mind. This is such a powerful formula, that if you continue to use it nightly, you will accomplish your goals and manifest it into your life faster than you could ever imagine.I am accomplishing my goalsI am manifesting what I want into my lifeI am attracting my desiresI focus my mind on giving me what I want and needMy mind is working on solving all the challenges I createI am attracting what I wantI am manifesting my desiresI am grateful for manifesting what I wantI am grateful for attracting what I desireI can create anything I wantMy life is filled with great abundanceI accept and allow success in all areas of my lifeGreat things are manifesting into my lifeI am attracting success into my lifeI manifest what I want and need effortlesslyMy dreams are manifesting before my eyesI am filled with limitless potentialI am worthy of all that I want and receive I love myself and deserve it in my lifeI am attracting my dream lifeThank You

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