Meditation hawaii

Hello my blog

Accepting the Present Moment; not the Life Situation! Eckhart Tolle


6:30 Morgan Freeman voice Everything did NOT clear itself out in the morning.

The Innkeepers

Alex Wingrove


You don't want a dude to smoke but he can't buy weed

Bridget Darby

Finally someone who knows royal Taylor 😁

Yim Yim_25

How do these people physics


That’s not a period. That’s internally bleeding overflowing


Love the stereotypes section lol

Khair Garnes

Iilymations has a video just like this

Mohamad Nour

this game was made to save the playstation

Liam Matthews

Is that zurr ann arh skin genuine or modded? I've completed it on 100% and I've got a skin that's still locked and I know its not a dlc skin as they don't show up until they're downloaded. Possibly batgirl?

Nikita Krivorak

Umm is that fortnight?

Coryn Blocker

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur intro



rofy BBQ

I think the fish is .......



Syd Harrington

Wait so if you dynamax and then use minimize

Lisa Zastrow

I've felt really numb have fluxating sleep and eating schedule and constantly sad for like a year,, how do I explain I think I have depression when my mom has her own mental problems,her boyfriend doesn't believe in depression and when it was really bad i hid it from her???

Алексей Комиссарчу

Все кто с СНГ лайкайте комент, пробьёмся в топ!

Riddle Ripples

Ty looked like Cody was attempting the longest Frisbee thrown into a bucket and quickly smashed it in there so it looks like Cody made it

Clay Bradley

jiko sawzdfcne

laxmi singh

lighted the flames of trickshots



roblox player

I luv the song

Kevinas K


MyName AChef

you did alright but please dont stop the easter egg hunt's you are the only one who has a decent easter egg hunting channel i mean sure your channel your choice but i beg of you to put the easter egg hunts in between your other content (if you will have other content) BUUUTTT thats just my opinion and im just some 17 year old dude sitting on his PC at 2am so you know...whatever

J n P G n P

Did anyone else realize that on the list of things to loose number 2 was virginity?


This game is awesome! I hope there's more Easter eggs/secrets

Parker Smith

Cobys first win


i need 25 more subs so i can make my own url please help me out people

Logan Safley

0:39 when Cody threw it Tyler shoved the frisky in. if you look close enough

Zodiac Joe

Just end it

Suyash Gupta

Which country is dude perfect from?

Gay ass

За такое ЛАЙК


Shouldn't the See you in Miami sign be See you in Vice City? London is the only real city name that has been used in the GTA series.

i love food

terry gilbert


It's Leo

I was eating pizza

Arianna Duchess of Sussex

Thanks for ruining my childhood dude

Johnathon Jacobsen

And I think everything is cool just cause I’m a nice guy

it's not death nor life

Kouhei Coppola

the shadow warrior anime-esque girls bathing is a tribute to the original release of the game.  In Master Wu's place, the same animation and sounds can be found behind the waterfall.  Another is in a secret toilet room.  Talk to them, and he'll give a cheesy line that pisses them off, making them bring out an uzi to shoot you up.

alex fraizer

German Man: there a no Jews in the floorboards.

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