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Abraham Hicks - You Have To Do This

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Andrew Zhang

pays respect then walks right over them

Raaghid Habibulla

Who is after 2018 Fifa World Cup???☺ Actually we are in 2019 now...!

Ryan Thomas

Cody and Noel got me feeling like I’m in prison with all those bars.

What is wrong with this statement?



HARI KISHORE Chandragiri

Play giant pinballs

Dival Sadh

I loved the threading the needle


No wonder why she called the police on her mother! Her mother is a default! (Fortnite) And defaults are growing stronger!


I bet he can't do that in a game. :P

thehotel grace

the ground is like pubg ground

Cameron Hill

I wrote a speech practiced then the next day I told my parents

This S

Frank Munguia


Bryce South

2019 anoybody


4:02 😂😂😂😂


So good

DarceyAnn Xx

okay we’re ten secs into the video and she’s just said exeemah instead of eczema like oml

Aman Dhull

Who came here for the real football but was disappointed


Christiano ronaldo

Jonathan Drost

Wie is nederlands

Nick Fliglebiggen

I’m gonna take my Ak 47 and shoot the old lady AND the boyfriend.

Tommy Sheridan

Seriously every comment is "is anyone in 2018?" Or "August 2018?" And I'm like I JUST WANNA SEE COMMENTS ABOUT THE VIDEO

Robert Davena

What did ty just do 0:53 Anybody watching in 2019?


Shouldn't this of been a minisode

Mark O Conbhui

God damn it the video won't play and I was really looking forward to hearing his voice argh


Wish my friends would do this with me

UnCreative Deconstructionism

I made that same wish to zoltar after my girlfriend told me my performance in bed was lackluster.


Hey dp can you guys do the double dunk trick shot only using one ball and two basket ball thing please

elba vega

I need Jen with me when I’m trying shit on. I love you so much


Do a High Chellenge on your next video.

Colin Dong


Louis Claudel

Ok, at 5:00 this Easter Egg is a reference to a book called "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheeps" by Philip K. Dick.

Einar Kári Loftsson



Light Year

Pay pal!

Cecelia Hillyer

Graysons face at 5:59 has me dead!😂💀


No release date?


Why is there only one of these videos


Minding your business is free

We can make it through the snow

Valentine Galaxy

6:00 Why would she kiss her daughter on her lips? That's disgusting!

bitch where?

The trailer itself is a trailer...💁Can't wait for this one...

Toasted Toast

Anyone 2019?


5:56 That was relly creepy screamer...

Kristoffer Fahlgren


Superpig63 AJ

The only one I didn’t get was the our founder one


Real my ass. Just like thoose NBA fantasy commercials -.-

Dee Nicki

If I could meet you I would in Baltimore cuonty

Easy for everyone

jack layman

thank you for making easter egg videos I love watching them 

Natalie Kleiderer

1:36 dat face do


So,a dude ranch?

Bernadette Prentiss

They totally had a threesome, jennifer called austin baby and afterwards they both said "your show wore us out, your stamina-" yeah they totally had a threesome with jennifer lopez



Jose Ssegovia

If you were gana dump him then why send him nudes? She was not very smart person, some may say she even deserves what she got for sticking her foot on the bear trap.

Ronan Kyatsandra

signature duck is awesome

Me after watching this vid:NO THANKS IM ADOPTING A CHILD!!!!

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