Abraham Hicks Why You Feel Overwhelmed or Bored

Abraham Hicks why you feel overwhelmed or bored. When you feel overwhelmed or bored this is a sign you need to start paying attention to your vibration as you're not in alignment with your inner being.Audio in this video is copyrighted by Abraham Hicks who have kindly given permission for us to share this with our followers as per their copyright guidelines here:can learn more about Esther Hicks and Abraham at their website:

Kim Karney

chris davis

When is it going to happen?

Wed Sylvera

look at 5:32 he got left hanging



Henry Perez solis

we will build a wall and the ocean will have to pay for it


Do airsoft trick shots

Brandon Carmack

He's like jake Paul he claps and says here we go in the Disney show he was in


dislikes so people get triggered


Too soon.....too soon.


i'm not crying, you're crying ;0;

Maria Fe Mendoza

3:40 imstant karma

Carlos Adrian

Why you didn't put the references that Diana says from the famous "27 club"?, and the name of popular songs in the objectives?, like fade in black from Metallica and oops! I did it again from Britney Spears

Matias Freiria

This channel deserves more credit. Great work guru as always.

A. S.

u know that you are getting old when sly2 is classic game :D

Josh Lynagh

A few corrections.




a good ASMR scene is from the Twilight Saga: New Moon when Carilse is fixing up Bella’s arm. 💕

Cows Go Moo._.12

Tyler did all of those shots

easy basketball

Are the dad's realy from their?

Ollie T

Twist Dylan is memeulous

Loren Hawley

19:15 about gave me a heart attack.

flowerchild x23

"Buena pero le gusta delincuentes" 😈👏

Yennie Fer

1:41 I love the My Neighbor Totoro shirt!

Keith Frye

I like when the was in the flash backps that is my favorite dp dude


General Incredible

LMAO what 19 year old lives like that? Some douchebag?

Geeresh Jaglal

So fricking rich


I'll play it tomorrow,can't wait,cant sleep

john smith

its a joke fool


guru speak Spanish

Drake Stewart

Net gun trickshots


Number 9... Battlefield 3, Operation Metró, why you no showing the photo cabine D:

Rachel Purba

thank you 💖

Cibele Anderson

It should be soccer.😁

Harvey Blackmore


Saroj Kanwar

the last one

CFB Informer

this video was posted on my 13th birthday

Kennedy Bunker

I really thought Ty was the leader butCory is the leader 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Johnny Cava

JaJa exactly...0_o

Asmi Ahmad

orang Indonesia mana suaranya

Luke Carter

I'm a Texas person

Aienbalos Aienbalos

Wow haven't Americans learned already that walls are racist?.. How come they don't stop?!

SmithJ Dylan

Who says the armor looks like plastic? You can see the shiny metal under with the scratches, not to mention how it just looks like painted metal in the first place. It's absolutely perfect imo, and I'm incredibly excited for 2020!


You guys have just been beating by ALABAMA! BOYAHHHH!


Real mom: literally kidnaps mia

Saqib Shafiq

Yeah coby we are with you


Yet Another Great Video FunWithGuru :D

..and parents always scold me because of this......

Mausumi Mandal

We would like to see a shooting battle

பார்த்தசாரதி பார்த்தசாரதி

garetts funy


I would probably be the rage monster, if I worked out that is. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The Mechanist

As long as this will be like the Outbreak limited time event, I will throw my money at it. LOVED R6S zombies.


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