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Abraham Hicks - Powerful energy rampage! SasM!X

My dear friends and soul family ♥This M!X is the best I´ve ever feels not only tremendous meaningful to me, but so very powerful....I cried a lot as I was mixing and listening to it over and over again...It now is perfect and words cannot be accurate enough to describe the way my mix makes me feel. I am source a physical body...a world citizen...with a world view...and I can access the energy that creates worlds...I achieve my high flying disc easily and I cannot go back from who I now am! Nothing is clearer than that now...and I feel it profoundly! Thank you ♥warm regards,Loving Saskaya ♥more information about Abraham visit their website:2013-12-07 Phoenix, AZsegment with speech only: The Flashbulb - Undiscovered Colors

Gajula Amith



Can anyone say cheater?? He gets bored with one woman, he moves on. Ghee.

The Blue Dragon


Siti Rahana

who realise that 1:58

Claire M

1:01 hits the woah

Sridhar Don

It's very nice 😀😁😉

SBC Gang

The raiders


In 2017 Jeff meets Liam’s brother Chris for Thor, in the words of General Iroh, “Destiny is a funny thing”.

Rene Rodriguez

Damn nigga said “DAMN” 😂

Philosophiefraktal Bontii

Solution to oposing problem 1 of UBI is that if they would actually really like their work why should they be mad about lazy people. And even they would get more because it adds to the money they get alrady. The only damaged people would be the rich, because they would have to carry most of the money spend. But dont they have enough enyway? Help?


3P1C F41L !

*Potato Wolf*

Uhhhhhhh I’m sooooo not crying

Niranjan G

DP plan for the next race as a bike race



Tara Martinez

The panthers

Fire Bird

Dogs: woffCats: meowRetards: 2019??


the bank

Brooke the cat

The real question

Spooky Trashh

They said musty smell? Oh hell naw that ain’t cute. That’s nasty. Girl use deodorant.

Bonhomme Carnaval

This is really sad I feel so guilty for laughing about the shower part..

fortnite GMO

Guys any one see the ball falling into the bucket at 1:18 (look in the left corner)


Awesome video! I like Jak and Daxter easter eggs in this game!

Mostafa Diesel

Pro teachers dont save our life they make it miserable

Edip Özmen

1:30are those rocks from merida (brave) or am i blind

J B N Gaming

Kim Jon Un I knew because he say he was a supreme leader but he was not!

Chase Maxx

Is it just me or does dale Jr look like garret

mullin kids

That's so sad that you didn't get to keep him since I still have a great grandfather is alive although he has a condition he can't bend his fingers can't swallow he has his 5 antibiotics liquified they are starting to stop working so he will probably die pretty soon

Nathan's Universe


Rainer - playz minecraft


5 = Logical🧠 I have a simple solution that will guarantee a baby 👶 🍼

Bryner Chavez

Next Video Slip And Side Football Battle Take On Play Card Topps Download App 2016 On Nfl Huddle

Kisha R Davis


سلمان تونز Salman toons

Hi 2:25


You should do another classic games episode. Loving the Easter Egg series! :D

shadow gamer



I know its your personal list but I was expecting to see an Episode II reference in Kotor 2, when Kreia says that the last Mandalorian ( Jango Fett ) will be easily defeated by a jedi ( Mace Windu ) :)

why dont we _ are _ tHe bells

This realized that I need to be more careful about my diabetes

Just Jorge

I was cocking a gun to kill myself after I heard you say you were quitting. You gad me there...



wingman87 !

Bring back the pump like if yes

real life and games

So how much money did you get ?

Gaddiel Dombrowner

So basically they will lose this series, and KD's injury getting worse now was for nothing.

Cool Bri

It’s a pie are u blind

Frederick Clague

Anyone coming because of the 2018 winter olympics and looking for a throwback?


Do NHL 19 Please!

Mom: If you weren’t on technology so much...

Noel Lively

Why does Cody always say check it out before one of his shots?

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