Abraham Hicks: Moving from Anger and Resentment

This recording is owned by Abraham-Hicks Publications.For more information, please visit www.abraham-hicks.comPhoto Credit: Federico Stevanin@FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Anonymous Change

Okay so what happened?

Aytac Amirova

Umm...İm sorry but i cant understand:is she orphan?does she live with her step brother stepmother and step father now?

Sam Shapiro

Let's go PatsGreat vid

Guy: I can get at least 4 more

Dharmapal Tambe

Their growth is very impressive

Andrew Derrick

Omg I am really sad this happened to her baby brother who has cystic fibrosis and to be honest I have cystic fibrosis to and I am really healthy


user/BballProduction?feature=mhum Woooooooooow!

Eva Kolonelos

This low key made me cry

Zackary Carr

Cody: I lost my wedding ring.



Emulate Me, The Universe.

Very cute outfit but the no to the white shades. Wrong style and era!

Barrels S

ND nathan drake

Jonathan Lopez

Wats the song they play in the background


1 month ago on trending? That's surprising. You're lucky

Johna Resler

Yea I agree nothing like movies


That ending

Lowery Baker

Does anyone think Garett gets left out of videos?

Nãfgämér Gïrl

This is sad because I was in that same situation.. and how he wants me back he is begging but no I learned my lesson to don't take hit from ppl smfh

Leo Gorgoteanu

Also a reference from max in TF2 if you know the hat "Max's Head"

Rachel Lynch

?is it the boy or girl talking

Above Blades

who else noticed the 666 at 1:24 in the top right

Brian Vigil

LA Red Theft Midnight Hunt 3: Scholarship Edition

I spilled my tea

Rocco Mosca

This Is fake because china Is allies with North korea so your best best Is japan

KyleTheWolfe 1

That 360 camera shot was super cool

Michael Christian

I have come to the conclusion that slappy is creepy as hell and should be incinerated in a pit of death and destruction.



Marilou Hallazgo

Did someone else notice the big stones from Brave 1:29or its just me


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