Abide Guided Bible Prayer & Story Meditation for Deep Sleep: Destiny with Jesus

Enjoy 2 hours of Abide Guided Bible Prayer & Story Meditation for Deep Sleep: Destiny with Jesus.For more Christian meditations, download the Abide app here: to Abide, your place of peace. 🙏 ✟Renew your soul through Christian meditation. Gain greater clarity about your purpose and rediscover your joy. Experience less anxiety, stress, and worry. Most of all, experience God's overwhelming love for you. Abide is a Christian meditation app used by over 1 million people across the globe. Based off Biblical scripture and practices, Abide will guide you to a deeper relationship with God. Our app offers the following: ✚ Meditations 2 to 15 minutes in length ✚ Over 1,600 meditation sessions✚ Meditations for specific topics such as sleep, depression, anxiety, loneliness, marriage and more✚ Audio music stream ✚ Journaling feature so you can track progress❤️ "But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And on his law he meditates day and night."— Psalms 1:2DOWNLOAD THE ABIDE APPAbide is available for both iOS and Android devices.▶ iTunes App Store:Google Play:US ON SOCIAL MEDIA🎥 Subscribe to our channel:Read our blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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