AAP Drishti Yoon Hi Dete Raho - BK Song - Kavita Ji - Sadhna Ji - Om Vyas - BK Mahendra.

Our Supreme Father, ParamPita, ParamAtma Shiv ShivPita ShivBaba Baba Allah God Jehovah is ONE for All Souls, The SUPREME Light. HE is AVAILABLE Now, only Once in Confluence Age/Sangam Yug in Entire Kalp of 5000 Years when World has degraded most in this Iron Age/Kalah Yug.Connect to him DIRECTLY through RajYog Meditation at Brahma Kumaris in @8500 Centers in @135 Countries without any mediator. Once you learn it, it will BE entirely in your Hands to remain CONNECTED with Supreme....No Conflicts...No Worries...No Fear...No Tension...No Depression....No Addictions...ONLY FEELING OF LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ONENESS.Please reflect on the following qualities of Shiv-Allah-God to know HIM truly so as to Re-establish the relationship between you, the Soul & Him, the Supreme Soul.1.Shiv Guno Ke Bhandari Hain.2.Shiv Divya Dristi Vidhata Hain.3.Shiv Bindu Roop-Jyoti Swarup Hain.4.Shiv Liberator Hain, Kaal Ke Panje Se Chhoodate Hain.5.Shiv Shristi Ke Aadi-Madhya-Ant Ke Gyata Hain6.Shiv Anand Ke Sagar Hain.7.Shiv Sukh Dukh Se Nyare Hain.8.Shiv Shanti Ke Data Hain.9.Shiv Divya Buddhi Ke Data Hain.10.Shiv Patit Pawan Hain.11.Shiv Sadgati Data Hain.12.Shiv Sab Ke Sukh Ke Data Hain.13.Shiv Nar Se Narayan Banate Hain.14.Shiv Patthar Buddhi Walon Ko Paras Buddhi Banate Hain.15.Shiv Gyan Amrit Ke Sagar Hain.16.Shiv Sat Chit Anand Swarup Hain.17.Shiv Nirakar Hain ( Deh Dhari Nahin Hain.).18.Shiv Vishnu Dwara Divya Shristi Ka Palan Karte Hain.19.Shiv Shanti Ke Sagar Hain.20.Shiv Hi Brahma-Vishnu-Shankar Ke Rachayita/Creator Trimurti Hain.21.Shiv Jeevan Naiyya Ko Paar Le Jaanewale Hain.22.Shiv ParamPita, ParamShikshak, ParamSatguru Hain.23.Shiv Janma Maran Se Nyare Hain.24.Shiv Prem Ke Sagar Hain.25.Shiv Akalmurt Hain.26.Shiv Mukti Aur JeevanMukti Data Hain.27.Shiv Dukhharta Sukhkarta Hain.28.Shiv Manushya Shristi Vriksh Ke Beej Swarup Hain.29.Shiv Karmon Ki Gati Ko Janane Wale Hain.30.Shiv Brahma Dwara Satyugi Shristi Ki Sthapna Karte Hain.31.Shiv Brahmalok/Paramdham Wasi Hain.32.Shiv Shankar Dwara Aasuri Shristi Ka Vinash Karte Hain.OM SHANTI.

Paddy Mc Carthy

"Stop, stop, he's already dead.. :'( "

Adam Azzouz

Is that a real baseball?

El Cappo

How dare u make me cry.

Ariana dean

7:70 girl looks like Ashley from Sall face

Jorge Arocha

Estupendo. ❤

Robby Tripathi

Pubg part 2

Kim Tae Hyung

"this whole time hung saved our marriage"


when you try you grow big like this.

Jonah Belprez

The real questions are... is he perfect? Well no.... do they film these for 2 weeks? yes but the best one is........ WHO IS IN THE PANDA COSTUME?!?! X_X


What happen to john



Sinnamon Roll

I dont get that last one

stav cat

i dont know why, but the only channels that make me excited when they upload is you and game theorist

Nick Crumpet {Collar stays poppin}

Happy end 😊

ududh dudh

I will doooooo this tooooo🤩

Royale Slayer

69 million

Kegan Jackson

The pogo stick guys went to our school one time the guy that attempted to beat the world record was there

Luke Brunker

A disney movie should not be this confusing

Simon Kat

Everybody seems to forget siege isn't the only rainbow six game

Mullion 11

Tanner has pour skills You

Jake Marks

Oh great... More disgusting stuff from It's Always Sunny In Philly...

Caleb Hazelton

The way she moves... Over and over... Stuck in my head.


Mind Blown!

Luis Brandon Ramos

2019 anyone?

Alice: unbuckles tyler's pants



Dutch Van Der Linde

What's the difference of halo three and halo three olst or whatever it's called sorry if this is a stupid comment I've never played halo

mr Betmen

1:27 можно 10 часавую версию.


What disturbs me the most, is that they don’t even say adidas right while talking about the origin of the brand ...


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