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9 x 3 x 21- Technique to achieve whatever one desire ‘Theory of attraction’ is a birth quality of a human being. Normally a man is called a human being or live soul. That is humous means soil and being means energy and these two combined together form a human being. The energy of being is the energy of thought which is the power of a soul. This energy is active always. If we channelize this energy methodically, then the power that flows from each individual is what helps one to achieve what he or she wants. Therefore, the technique to make our thought energy powerful is “9x3x21” which is my today’s topic of speech.The number 9 mentioned in the technique above denotes a thought which should be practiced nine times at a time. Similarly, number 3 in the technique requires the thought created to be practiced three times in a day i.e.in the early morning, afternoon and in the evening.If one can practice this continuously for 21 days in a chosen place adhering to a fixed time schedule then it is most powerful. Such a powerful thought has the capacity to attain anything for us. The next step is to meditate repeating in mind the following lines as also experiencing the presence of God above your head.I am the child of omnipotent All mighty authority i.e. God. I am master all mighty authority. Success is my birth right. I am a successful soul.Through this meditation, you also experience that all powers, virtues, and attainments in the form of rays of light in seven colors are filled in you.You may also enjoy its success and should have happiness and faith.This kind of enjoyment should be repeated 9 times.Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel and Follow us On Facebook and Instagram to receive regular updates from Rajayogini BK Sheeja Facebook: Videos:Early Morning Meditation: SINGLE THOUGHT Can Change Your Life: #rajayoginibksheeja #howtoachieveanything

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