5 Minute Meditation Music - with Earth Resonance Frequency for Deeper Relaxation

Give yourself 5 minutes a day to do a simple meditation.Five minutes of quietly observing your breath and your inner body motions. This music was created specifically for you to use to feel a deep state of calm.This music contains the Earth Resonance Frequency to help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and peacefulness. Highly effective for stress-relief, relaxing after a hard day's work, study concentration, finding quiet amidst turmoil, and closing the work week.Music by Dean EvensonFor more information please visit Soundings.comFollow us at:Facebook: (Dean Evenson) YouTube channel: Free Music:

Complete bullfrick.


you should film with Stephen Curry

Llama Splat



Anwar is scary as fuck


l'm like panda


You don't have G.a.d you just hate neoliberism and free market society

Utkarsh Tewari

A like for cory

Me: it’s downstairs in the closet


Did you know you can’t smile and breath at the same time :|

Jimjimnie Taek Hyung

Thanks big hit for making this song beautifullerific ever... I'am living with depression... Jungkook inspire me alot... until I watched this again and again its make me cry, smile, laugh and inspire... I'am crying right know because I know that even BTS is not on my side atleast they are on my mind and heart... Euphoria is my favorite song its inspire me to live and to be love everyday... I know life is challenging but if you love BTS... I know they will love you too... Happy Birthday BTS!!! And I hope you are enjoying every single piece thing you've done every second and its become a memory one day... Thanks for inspiring me and motivating me to live and to love every day...SARANGHEO AND saeng-il chughahae BTS!!! And I hope you'll read this and I hope you know that there has so many ARMY'S are inspired in your songs and EUPHORIA amd truly one of them... THANK YOU BIG HIT FOR MAKING BTS TO INSPIRE MANY MANY PEOPLE

1 like= 1 pray for her and her baby girl

Hirmen Sandoval

For yall haters

YumLoop YT

You forgot “the tall guy”

Valerie Garcia

i think its a boy

I just hope the parents will know that being gay isn't a choice. You CAN'T IN ANY WAYS CHANGE YOUR SEXUALITY. I am gay and trust me I tried. Even tho I knew that my parents and family would accept me no matter what, I'm from a very "traditional" city, I mean it's not that bad but it can be very hard sometimes. When I realized I was gay I was totally fine with that actually, but I was scared because I don't want people to reject me for this. Only 2 friends know that but honestly I'm very happy to be who I am

Hi, I'm a H

Panda on that jetski tho...

Jesus Beltran-Beltran

This shit sucks

Khairie Official

Why i think the last part is fake😂


I love these mini teasers. I really wish they would make a rainbow 6 movie.

David Anderson

Now do it again.

Spooder Banaatti

I clicked and got a pizza ad

Playground Player

You guys should film Buster Posey or Brandon Crawford


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