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Holy Human

Cue ball was a paid actor


This was when Johnny was good, He was released by the Cleveland browns after assaulting his girlfriend, trashing a mansion, got in a hit and run, threw a drink at someone, partied to much, got arrested, and had a terrible career with the Browns


This is too relateable for me... I'm kinda creeped out

Aparício Santos

very good

Leila b

Where are the twins

Lukha L

That was funny

Tshegofatso Lerato

“Where is the HAPPINESS in life?”

Davizinho Famosinho

Video on google drivers link


2:58 nice way to tie in the line from Dumb & Dumber.

Mark Backles

2 nerds to some crazy trickshots

Ben Brown

Jesus, the amount of comments saying "Who's watching in 2016/17" is fucking annoying.

Erdon Mavraj


Leroy Pohatu

what is max payne skin?

Ben Simon

Elsa got those enchanted frost Walker boots from minecraft

Hello Kitty

Congrats Coby

5M🔐 Don't ever do this it is rape

Nicco Valencia

Who is PANDA is he another dp member or editor or there for fun

Mlg Ramen

I was about to say Ubisoft sucks but for some reason my mind thought if Ubisoft when it was Ea that sucks

Danielle Castellanos


Lawson Guess

2019 anyone

Lifelong Studios

About 7:00 you can see coriline in the background

Yassy Bennia

Ever thought of abortion?!

Sargeant Shaggy

23 bounces

Card Masterblaster123

Jake herbert is a boss wrestler took gild at 2012 olympics

VideoGame Lobby

I bet when you saw that dragon you were like, oh sheeeeiiiiitttt

Flying on a cocaine spaceship

Its jakreese

Why is my name here?!?! I though im the one who only have this name oof

megan d

that scene in fantastic beasts never fails to make me feel totally at ease

So Bossy

i was like mist should be added to life but at the end of the video, fu.. mist

Here it comes.

William Bondesen Claville 4A Korup Skole

cool vid smosh for life

Astrid and June Ivy

My mom died of cancer at 37. Not 50. That kinda hurt. It doesn’t matter what age you are for Pete’s sake


i like the trick shots better

Rosie Corona

Did anyone the still alive song on the radio

the kings



My fav part was when they sang fancy

Patricia Bayuga

Get well soon KD 🙏🙏 all do respect is all yours.. Being back on the game 5 to play and boost the mood of the team, was never an easy decision especially if you know to yourself that your not really that well..


Your voice and personality reminds me of deacon from fallout 4.


About the last easter egg, there is a second part where he asks to change that letter to something like "I miss you gramps".


I want to be a lion king of the jungle 😏

pale orc

Panda got decapitated


Lucas Dias Nardino

I Think the name should actually be "Rainbow Six Outbreak"

Killer Frosch

0:27 i was so shocked xD Fuuuuuck

Deidra Jacobs

That scared me to death stop does he really look like that omg

so don't end it

Snowyy FN

At least she is good at cutting hair 😂

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