5 Chic & Simple Style Tips From Top Stylist Chriselle Lim

Join us at for a brand new chat with our girl, stylist Chriselle Lim. She's giving us 5 quick style tips to nail your look in 2019, from fashion trends to timeless styles.♥ Connect with Us! We love hearing from our #TIUgirls! ♥ ♥ Tone It Up on INSTAGRAM: ♥ Create YOUR profile! ♥ Find Tone It Up on FACEBOOK: Tweet us PIN TIU:


XD the sound when he fast forwards the lantern part


if i could make a game, i will put a dog tombstone besides a house, if you didn't know what reference it is, think of who and what animals died recently

Criss Redfield

This is the wrong way to treat women. But today I took upon myself to tell you the perfect way to treat them

Jack Byrne


angel Garcia

i am gay to

destany Garcia


Karan ostwal


cr7 Cr7

اشجابك للترند العراقي😅


Lol when that guy said "Aw you suck!" He sort of sounded like Stewie XD

Paige Dalton

Seeing my friend might get shot tonight I should really stop watching things that are sad

Nadya Ancona

Finally you guys used my dads song

Xander Shogren

Is pandathere there father

bebo dahmash

Team necklace

Matt B

How do you find me all these connections?

Unsupervised Potato

to the tune of Sound of Da DoliceSkrrt! Skrrt!It's the old man in the van!X2


watching it before its trending

william kelly

All their english sucks, sucha shame usas greatest city....


Your voice is perfect for the easter egg videos. Damn Brits and their great voices smh

ᑎYᗩ ᑎYᗩ

Thank you for making this video...And...I’ve now realized that I have this... and I’m very, very shocked since all my life...I thought I was just Bi-Polar...

Nai Nai

My boyfriend gives me a 3$ chain

blue Pheonix



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