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'Depression, Fear and Anxiety: How To Be Your Own Therapist'

Dana Meads hosts this in depth and entertaining conversation with the wonderful Ven. Robina Courtin about how we all can be our own therapists - and live a better life through the teachings of Buddhism.This Conversation was part of the R U OK? DAY and was held at Melbourne University on the 11th September 2014This event was coordinated by Dana Meads on behalf of The Melbourne University Buddhist Studies Society.Dana Meads website:

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I always think that I may be bipolar. I was born when I was still 7 months old and luckily, I didn't have anything wrong with my health(aside from being malnourished before) My lungs didn't develop properly but it's not that bad(or so I think) I'm always moody and later on I would feel guilty and start being kind then I snap again. I get irritated easily but I also get happy easily.


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