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24 Hrs Before a Bikini Shoot | What I Eat, How I Train, & My Body Prep | Sanne Vloet

24 Hrs Before a Model's Swimwear Shoot | What I Eat In Preparation For The Shoot, How I Train & What I Train, & My Last Minute Body Prep Secrets | Bikini ReadyHey Guys! I'm ready for the weekend, are you? I found out at 10pm last night that I needed to fly to Miami this morning at 5am for a shoot on the beach so this video is timed perfectly! You guys can tell me what you think, but I'd like to start adding a new series of videos to the channel "24 Hours Before" which will show how I prep for travel, shoots, fashion weeks, and maybe even a big red carpet event. What do you think?Last week I had a swimwear shoot and I decided to film everything I did 24 hours before the shoot. Showing you guys what goes on backstage or behind the scenes is a big part of the channel so this video will show you guys how I get ready for bikini shoots. Everyone is different and I'm sure there are a lot of other ways models get ready, so maybe I can bring a few girls onto the channel to show us how they prep.As a model you need to be in good shape all the time, but 24 hours before I like to do a little extra to get ready. My friends recently recommended to do a magnesium wrap with an infrared sauna session and I loved it! It feels weird at first, but the results really do show, especially if you do it right before a shoot. Anyone else have any last minute secrets to get ready?If you guys liked this vlog in NYC give this video a big thumbs up because I realized I don't vlog much when I am in New York. I hope all of you decide to subscribe to the channel and our growing community! I love all of you guys and your support has been unconditional. I have gotten to know so many of you just through our chats in the comments below so please keep sharing, commenting, and giving me feedback!Love you guys!Sannep.s. Each and everyone of you is responsible for the amazing opportunity that I am about to announce. If you leave a comment today I will respond with the most exciting news that I have had to share EVER!dont forget to follow me on Instagram @sannevloetmy new foodchannel: @sanneatsme translate my video into your language!

candy team


Captain Youseff

10:33 getting that 500 word bonus.

Desiree’s Life

I was super nauseous and super sick also And I'm having a boy ! 💙 alot of people say that with their girls they didn't really feel sick. But everyone is different and it could go either way but im super excited to know ! 💛


a little humor: Search "Stormy Simpson"

Harshal Kabrawala

say hi i just want your t shirt


2 years later the builders come in the first village 😂😂😂

tay bell

prepare for birthcharts

Adriana Carolina

Why is the word "bulling" censored?

Muizz Kaleem

It is April

Evan Doran

I have the game

Robyn Littleton

Now you know how Elizabeth Schuyler felt ;))

Maryam Abbas

I am really close to my grandma and gradpa but there alive but i feel bad bout wat if they die


Without any disrespect but in the original i believe it was Jason's mom(the owner of the camping lodge,Mrs.Vorhees) who killed the kids for letting Jason drown,he picked up mom's work because she couldn't kill them all and now he's looking for the decendants of the "prey" :P

Anerie Gardner

look at coby at 2:20

The Manefist

Hey dudes wassup love your vids. New subscriber 😊😊

Aldergi Gamer

What happens to benji

Cyber Peacock

Ouch move out of the way people Dabs away tears We got an anxious and avoidant type right here.


I knew it

Mikayla Anne

Eye on it!


At 4:07 was when it mad me really sad. Also 5:00 when she was so happy but then all the stuff she bought for her baby was for nothing.

Heat Headquarters

Patriots for lifeI wish I saw them at Gillette stadium.I’ve gone like 5-6 times

Alana Foster

Literally crying for jeffree right now. Love you!! Losing a pet is challenging, atleast diamond is in a better place not suffering!❤

Of course I don't want to offend others, everyone has free will and gonna do what they want. But I just wanted to share my opinion that I learned from other examples and from my own experience what's the truth about being happy.

Leanne Young

28 bounces

Joe Cramer

I'm a human controller


Who else thought they were gonna have Shawn White

Michael Bardis

Why didn't you do Stephen Curry

michelles menagerie

I love harry potter😄

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