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20 Minute Guided Breathing Meditation for Stillness and Relaxation - Caroline McCready

"Becoming the Stillness Beneath Your Breath"This is a 20 minute meditation using a breathing technique to help you enter into a deep experience of stillness. Suitable for any level of experience.The background music for the meditation is "Stillness" on the album 'Music for Meditation'.Available on iTunes and Amazon.Amazon US: UK: purchase the guided meditation:Amazon UK: available on iTunesFor more information and resources visit:


This seems to be a crossover to Moana, Ariel, Merida, Gozilla and Neverlands. Disney never created a more confusing trailer than this...


If Lilith dies I'm killing myself

Mayank Sharma

This is the only channel i will not mind if it passes pewdiepie

Hayden vlogs Godwin

She needs help why do you care about your hair

Cenker Bakır

your videos are the best man


Arms vs Legs


fucking great video once again guru. much appreciated

amy novotny

we lived ive never been so scared


Is this me or Cody Looks diffrent

Aishat Solanke

He look like Uncle Bernie ♥


Do a shot While Skydiving 0_0


Border of the libtardiansfeminaziland 3... thx, but nope.



LJ So Cool

Where is panda ?

levi anderson


Content Aware Scale

This is a copy of ACTUALLY HAPPENED, which is a copy of Storybooth. What I'm saying is it's fake

Craig Hartley

No because there’s a vacuum in space

Trevor Belmont

The ending gave me a boner.


shooting out the wine cellar gets u a achievment on the x box version of perfect dark


bad car! kudos to that.

Amarsaikhan Jijirdoo

giant soccer ball trick shots

Robert Mirsky


Audrey Mettenburg

You gotta go with the MAHOMES yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Whyte

I was scrolling through my recommended, and when I seen this video, I KNEW what it was.

6oz Sirloin Steak- TX Rdhouse=$10.99, Outback=$12.99


Wow dp did u by the plane

elijah blue angel

my b- day is in 7 days

Tom Hong

You cant against the nature period

Nex -

ia teacher

Shane Daniel

Coby said who ha from the first video ever

Mason Dueck

Wow this actor should win an Oscar. He portrays Jimmy Kimmel so well.

Gloria Orta

Wait in 3:50 wheb she said therapist i thought the door said the rapist 😂



Megan Gottshall

The last digit of the number of likes is which Dude you are 1= Tyler2= Coby3= Cory4=Panda5= Cody6= Garret

Norted Chef

And it's because its from a Guy named Notch witch is the Minecraft Creator

She's a survivor! 😭 screw u driver!!!!

Jim Johnson

This was way more exciting than this year's super bowl

Im Me

This happened to my mom and my brother...

BECCA gaming

Hes brother made puma and he made Adidas


Am I the only one here who never played Pokemon, Legend of Zelda or Mario as a kid, but instead played GTA San Andreas???

سلام صبري

أبطال ألله

Brook Bradley

Musical theatre geek right here


Eminem's son...

kawaii doggo NYA

You being mean to yourself hurts me too

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