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आज की मुरली 20-08-2018 | Aaj Ki Murli | BK Murli | TODAY'S MURLI In Hindi | BRAHMA KUMARIS | PMTV

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Andres The Ink Demon

In Winter 2020 The Spartans Will Rise Again Once More

Luz Aguinaldo

My fav hmm i have 3 KING COBY!!! Ty the rage monster guy and card trick shots

Broski Entertainment

490th comment

Rithik Dhivakar

The moment I see the video is sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios...

Carlos Villa

This is my first video watching you and your video is awesome!!!!

June Bugg

Dam man 😭

Ey Lmao

This video was amazing and well made, I didn't know anything about these Easter eggs Giga use Bite!


hey, I amking ofthe king in this game in my childhood school days....what a life?

Michal szczens


Kaleb Holland

Shoulda brought out the rage monster 😂😂

Martha Guldan

I love your videos. Keep up the great work

кαωαιι иαмι



I don’t understand why we are trying to adapt to climate change, we should have dealt with it put we haven’t changed much at all


Am I the only one that thinks the thumbnail looks like Weird Al?

Violents are blue 2%: Stuff that's NOT meming the step brother sexual abuse

Esther Ugwu

Rip builder


"He's not gay"

Angelo Mojica

Do triple arrow shot

Collin Sinclair

Football stereotypes

Sammy Brady

Dude perfect well done on getting 19m subs

Patrick Harrison

While the game was fun, I was hoping for it to he more... Scary? I know it wasn't meant to be, but the way things were going...

Natalie Alfaro

It feels like this isn’t finished

Saeed Salah

My friend


B A R S.

Rezaul Hannan Shaheen



This lauthing is scary as hell!


the car crash didn’t happen


you shouldn't count the toy story ones cause thats where it started

It's Alper

This is not battlefield 1...Its Battlefield WON ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lil frenk

Wow , It's realy ?

George Washington v.s. Vladimir Lenin

हर्षल पाटील

Evolution 2012 paper plane to 2017 airplane.✈🛩🛫🛬

Matt Yaqin

Dude Perfect you guys was in Science of Stupid for perfect example!

5. Don't be hard on yourself when you're going through it, don't worry about letting people down, cancelling appointments, etc.

martina ahjah

Tom Brady

Ishan Azad

lol 8bit game in black opps 2 lol

Chloe Arens


Matt Schoolcraft

Ok the FFVIII fans have been appeased. Now how about a PS4 port of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions? Its horribly misplaced on the psp.

Viviana Bieber


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