#1 Law of Attraction Technique I Wish I Knew Earlier...

FREE financial success hypnosis recording download the 2nd Mind Neuroprogrammer @ wish I would've known this law of attraction truth earlier because not only would it have saved me tons of time, but it would have allowed me to create all the things that I wanted in life a lot faster. And so I'm making this video because I want the, the time it takes for you to live whatever life you want in anything you want out of your life. I want that time to be quicker for you. I want you to create the things that you want even faster. And I want them to be even better. And I wish I knew this earlier because I would've happened for me. And when I did learn this, everything in my life came to me so much faster. So I did my affirmations, I made my vision board, I did all of these things and I wasn't getting what I wanted to the utmost. And you can do your affirmations. Watch these videos. You can make your vision board, you can work hard, you can do everything. Anything possible. You could do all of it to two as an added tool in your tool belt of creating the life that you want. But if you forget this one thing, it's never going to work and it's because this one thing is the key to manifesting and it's also the key to the science behind transforming your brain and creating the things that you want in life. And that answer is feeling, feeling used. The secret. It's the number one law of attraction. Truth. I wish that I knew earlier. Feeling is the secret, and if you don't feel it, you will not get it. Comment down below feeling is the secret. It's also the name of a Neville Goddard book. Feeling is the secret comma that down below, calming that down below. See, I used to, I made a software designed to rewire my mind and I and I made hypnosis design. They're both free down below. It's if you scroll to the comments, they're pinned right there at the top of the comments right there. You'll see it panned and you can get both of those for free. And they changed my life, especially when I learned this, but I did all of those things, but it didn't start to affect me. And and every affirmation and vision board and everything, until I learned that feeling was the secret. I wanted to make millions of dollars in inspire millions of people. Very clear, very simple. It was on a is a half of a sentence. I carried it on index cards with me everywhere that I went, I did all the everywhere that I went, but until I started to feel it, it didn't happen. Why? Because law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. You're feeling is your energy. That's your energy in the moment. And when your energy, then what you can attract into your life shifts. And that's how you reprogram the subconscious mind. Because the subconscious mind is the emotional mind. How you feel determines whether or not you can reprogram it. So I started getting, I started exaggerating how I was feeling like at the beginning where I'd just be like, yes, I'm already inspired. Millions of people. Oh my God, my videos are going viral. My wife and I would go on a walk and we would talk about it over and over and over again. Yes, it's happening. It's happening. I'm making millions of dollars in inspiring millions of people today. I'm so excited about it, but it wasn't working at the time. My wife was in debt. She was my girlfriend then, but she was in debt. I was getting like five, six, seven views on youtube videos. It wasn't really working. Nothing was really happening yet, but the, that was only the outer appearance of things. And unless you can feel the inner appearance of something, the inner reality of something, you can't change the outer reality. And you may have heard about, you know, using your vision board, do your affirmation, think about what you want, know what it is that you want. Everyone says, this is the key. This is the key. This is the key. This is the key. But none of those keys work without this key feeling as if you already have it. Now you might say, well, how do I do that? Well, you do it all the time in the negative. I do it all the time and the negative, everyone in society does it all the time in the negative because we're programmed to do it. We think about the worst case scenario is if it's already happening, we feel the physiological sensation of it. We convince ourselves there's no good guys left. We convince ourselves we have some limitation that will not allow us to make more money and to attract more success in your life. So we feel helpless or we feel despair. We, you know, and, and in, in a funny example of real life, the first time that my parents ever left me home alone, I got so frail. I was sure there was a robber in the house and I got so afraid that I called the police.

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