1998 - CHET FAKER feat. BANKS (extended version)

This is a non profitable youtube accountLike: Banks Brasil - Harold Pureco

Why didn’t the sun go to college?

Sophia Fuller

Omg I have an lg g4 phone


shut up jack

Legendary Blossom

I always think that the voice overs are great and especially this voice actor she's amazing!


JusticeGaming_YT 89076

The last easter egg made me cry nuuuuu stan leeeee


Ooh now I know where the panda came from

ethan MM

ok just wanna say im coc quitter since 2017

DONT TOUCH ME I’m not safe

This is MinuteVideos

XxSpinning_ AxexX

Where can you get the pogo sticks from ??

Mike Ost


c H i n A


Joey Martinez

It’s neon green not yellow

Georgia The person

Ok but you didn’t become skinny for Instagram, this was kinds clickbait

Coby OMG U WANT ATTENTIoN Kskkssoososossoosos

John See

Because of the 2nd Amendment.....BAM!

is scared

TheYear 1913

Sign the petition to deport the infamous YouTuber KEEMSTAR from the United States! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/deport-dj-keemstar

BigMac N Cheez

If y’all are telling me that iggy, boogie, and draymond are all stars, then the raptors starting lineup is filled with all stars with one off the bench as well (Ibaka) and don’t tell me y’all aren’t taking iggy over ibaka.

Bk Pk


chris mollison

Honestly, how is that done

Rc funkiness Bbb

I am a type one diabetic please comment on what kind of diet you do I do a mix of keto and paleo type diet

Nate Burnett

You should do a basketball edition with Robert Williams because he went to Texas A&m

Billy Bob

Idc what others say i liked outbreak. And am looking forward to this

Noel Gonzalez

who cares about the freaking music! I care more about those sweet looking futurama characters

Jay Midi Man

The day I have been waiting for! Can’t wait to experience this again its my childhood 👌😱😀

He's a CUNT.

Buck gamer

Dallas cowboys


@xXtxoxmxmxyXx Journey...



Sara Hoxha



i creed

Victoria B

At 10:56 Emma looks so tiny sitting in between them 😂

SWAG! Coolman

Is Elsa lesbian?


No. Inherently bad people do not exist

Alex Madsen

Where's pandas dad? And coby and pap!😃

Awesome Austin

Toronto's eifel-tower.

Аноним Анонимус

Нихуя, человек-паук.

william ferguson

Who else saw Coby’s mag fall out in the intro


Owen Monast

4:38 it looks like he got shot in the water

Kat Dop36

This is my life I’m emotionless


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