12 hrs. Calming Music - Winter Scenes - Relaxation, Meditation, Study, Reading

Dedicated to those born in snow and living far from it.12 hours of soft music with images of snow and snowfall.Info from the DVD:Winter DVD contains beautiful images of winter scenes, moods and landscapes filmed in the European Alps.Winter DVD Card comes with a matching DVD (available in PAL or NTSC)featuring outstanding images of nature with specially selected music by Llewellyn.Filmed by top filmographer Jens Noelte in high definition.Featuring music by LlewellynRunning Time: Approx 35 - 40 minsAspect Ratio: 16:9Region FreeBuy DVD: #ReliefMusic_ #BestCalmingSounds_


Bro that look like an extended version of tic tac tow

Ella Webb

I’m really weird but who else loves the smell of the milk fridges In the grocery store again I’m weird but I just love the smell of it

Celine Osunde

Uff i‘m allergic to pollen,Apples,Karott,nutts,cherrys,düst and many other thinks

ret ard

fortnitem I love fortnite yes play fortnite all day

Psychotic Tv

Good for you.


4:53 my exact reaction to seeing the Crash Bandicoot Easter egg.

Felipe Rico

But there's more, you have no findings of James Bond being as a sarcastic lover so there's plenty more that came from:

{Echo} CinnaMOn

เลือกมาาา means choose oneee right??

Annabelle Frederick

Oooh I like it


Ned Forrester got the neat dance moves at 19:58

Chloe Eliza

Now people in the comments please stop and read this.

jayce hall

Good video bro

(NBA Youngboy) Or (Polo G)

Maxlando2332 _

Lego my eggo


NICE খুবই সুন্দরী মেয়েটা


Ryan Colter

I did I knew it was checkers

Lili Mendez

I lost my mom went i was a a baby... its true...........😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


simpsons logic: 10 years old kids can drive cars

Gianna Bloga


Jamie Watts

shut up bitch. you jelly.


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