06 COOL & REALISTIC ways to control your ANGER? – Personality Development & Soft Skills Training

06 COOL ways – How to control your ANGER? – Personality Development & Soft Skills TrainingDo you get angry often? Do you want to get rid of your anger? This Skillopedia session is just right for you. Learn 6 cool and realistic ways to get rid of your temper and keep anger at bay. Anger could ruin a lot of things in your life such as friendship, relationship, make you sound rude etc. So why not keep the anger away and focus your mind on more fruitful things in life. In this personality development video with Michelle – your life coach brings you easy to use and practice 6 effective ways to control your anger. This session would be extremely useful for you understand why you get angry and shoot up your blood pressure. Anger is normal, and a healthy emotion, but you should know how to deal with it in a positive way. So are you ready to control your anger? Watch this complete video and make a difference to your anger management skills.For detailed explanation about this lesson, visit the link below - us on Facebook - some of the most popular videos on Skillopedia - 08 Common communication mistakes - tips for impressive public speaking - to avoid someone, you don't want to talk with?

Joseph Alexander


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