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Hello my blog

इस भजन ने तो मन को पावन कर दिया, हृदय निर्मल हो जायेगा सुनकर, सच्चे योगी जरुर सुने!!


I would love to work with you guys.

The27FireLords YT

It’s different in black ops 3

Manaal Ali

Every week please


Like dis if u cried ;(


Strafe was so underrated, I got it the first day and it’s been getting better and better since it came out

jjj gamer

This does not help

Truman Thomsen

Zane is straight up john wick

Hunter Crites

my favorite power rager is RJ

Smash Revino

I want some cheesy winger dingers

Kiddy Contest Songs

Dang, that was probably the most emotional Easter Egg I've ever seen.


yes there is on operation metro rush in the park or whatever. and i dont know if its only me but in the campain every russian enemy has a star tattoo on their hand

Choco Penguin


Donie Little

I get horrible stabbing pains in my abdomen. They don’t happen all the time, but when they do, it’s excruciating. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been to the doctor. They just tell me I’m constipated, or about to be on my period, and any number of trivial maladies. The thing is: I’m not constipated, I’m not on my period, I don’t just have a muscle cramp. No one ever takes it seriously. I sometimes am in so much pain from it, that I can’t even walk. I just want answers.

barionx 32

1:03 WHAT ARE THOSE!?!??

Tom Miller

What's the movie about?

Amar Karande


Gabe McOwen

Did anyone else notice the ultraman dolls in Big Hero 6? I thought that would be on the list.

Dylan Hall

You should do a plastic golf stariotipes

Lonesome Gunslinger

Video Games.....Hide Things that you cant see...


You're a god damn genius.

Not Cheska

0:13 is that the Philippine Flag or am I hallucinating

Young Soldier23

Curry is the most overrated player of all time


TYLER is such a Frickin cheater at 5:13 ty didint sit BACK IN HIS chair and held his gum in place!! dude perfect if you see this redo this vid in 2019.

Karan Datewas

Every shot perfectly awesome


I am hot sand

Lauryn Roberts


Sean lopez

I wonder if they did baseball yet


Escalator king

Cushalano Christiano

2:32 why has she got so many toes?

es gjo

love you 😍😍😍😍


I knew uncharted and the last of us was in the same universe.

Danika Love

little sister gets hype at movieI’ve never met this man in my life



GiveMeThemToes Y.t



someone don't have a life finding all the eastereggs in games

Young XSO

Hermano that intro its everything, love ur videos. Thank u

Humberto Olmos

ha I see that

Russ Collins

dry firing apoppit:(

666 k

1.7k dislikes even after the birth of his first son? You bit*hes need to get smacked


I love your easter egg / secret videos


Twins are so cute

The Bard Of Your Life

i can hit the bulls eye

thedrag 96

hahahahahaha I was concentrated at 100% to understand your opinion because is little hard for me (I'm not English XD ) and that end make me die

Fe zaide Urrea

the legend of the woman is my new passport and my citizenship

Sannihilator K

Have liked most of your videos that I have watched but disliking this one, please don't waste food

be- boss

hey guys whats up what about to go to dubai and make a shot basket ball from the top of khalifa tower and make new genus record


This was on my birthday



King Barbadossa

Oh boy another DBZ game :D

Molly and the Henny got me speaking different language

I want to Khashoot Myself

I hate the girl who did this She is such a b word

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